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KENYAN Model Malaika Firth Rocks In Vogue Japan Fashion Editorial

Check out 20 year old Kenyan model Malaika Firth in Vogue Japan fashion editorial ( July 2014), aptly titled called “The Fiesta of Solitude”.

Looking divalicious in various designer togs: McCartney, Givenchy, D&G, Donna Karen, Valentino, PRADA and others, beautifully ethereal is one word that springs to mind, utter lushness.



Model Malaika Firth;

Photography:  Emma Summerton

Styling: Giovanna Battaglia

Hair: Moodie

Make-up: Mathias van Hooff

Let’s Gwaap….Lupita Nyong’o For Vogue Italia

If this acting lark doesn’t pay off this sister has another career to comfortably fall back on. By the way, the acting has been going swimmingly well.  Stealing our hearts again [enough  already Lupita], this sister twerks* it up with some sizzling poses in the latest VOGUE Italia spread – where she adorns some edgy chic couture that leaves you wanting more.

The beautiful dark shinned Kenyan diva graced only with the most stunning of smiles. Lupita Nyong’o keeps on transcending in many fields, you name it, movies, modelling, public speaking……Oh gotta stop here and gawp again. Please enjoy the heart-warming show stopper that is Lupita Nyong’o, if you like, share the link.


Styling: Patti Wilson

Photography: Tom Munro

Style Crush…Our FAVE Style Icon – Lupita Nyong’o

It’s official we have a new style icon by the name of Lupita Nyong’o. Not content with her Screen Actors Guild Award for her spectacular performance in Steve McQueen’s “12 Years A Slave”, the 30 year old Yale Drama School graduate’s spectacular rise in the fashion stakes is nothing short of remarkable. Who can forget ‘that’ red Ralph Lauren dress at the Golden Globes which kick-started fashionistas frenzy that commanded rave reviews by various lifestyle journals, internet bloggers and fashion bible Vogue. Though she lost out to Jennifer Lawrence at the Globes our East African diva is tipped to win the ultimate prize next month at the Oscars.

And guess who should be credited with setting her acting juices on fire? Ralph Fiennes. Nyong’o says: “He asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and so I very shyly said I wanted to be an actor too, and he sighed deeply and said, ‘Lupita, only act if you can’t breathe without it.”

Loving everything about this girl, we were swayed by her unassuming innate sense of style, ability to pull it out of the bag on every occasion, and the simple chicness of her style that screams effortless glam – I wear this dress it doesn’t wear me. In an interview with Vulture Online, on her sense of style, the black beauty states:  “It was not my agenda at all! But it’s fun, and I’m flattered that everyone is digging my style. It’s great to have something to dress up for. You know, I spent three years in slacks at drama school, so now I like putting a dress on.”

With fashion label endorsement from PRADA, Lupita is the face of the brands Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, we love everything Lupita and here are some of our fave looks by the fashionista and we look forward to seeing more from Lupita fashion and movie wise!

Grey Cashmere Dress & Metalic Shoes …denotes: CALM

Tailored Grey Jacket, Black Sequin Skirt & Gladiator Inspired Strappy Heels, denotes: Not To Be Messed With
Cream Coloured Petal Embellished Dress With Metallic Silver Shoes, denotes: Coy & Coquettish Diva
Black Bandeau Inspired Jumpsuit With Polka Dot Heels, denotes: Party With Fun & Without A Blemish
Tuxedo Inspired Wrap Dress, A Show Of Gorgeous Pins With White Heels, denotes: Strength, Feminine Sexuality & Vulnerability
Bold Yellow Hepburn Inspired Jacket & Ethnic Print Short, denotes: Confidence In Own Identity
Tan Coloured One Shoulder Dress With Delicate Strapy Sandals, denotes: Body Confidence
Black Dress With Midrif Silver Accents, denotes: I Can Do Fierce But Subtle
Scarlet Red Cape Floor Length Sweeper, denotes: I Am A Winner!
Turquoise Floral Embellished Floor Length Sweeper, denotes: In Tune With Nature