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African Lions Rising

With delegates from across Africa in attendance, the Africa Lions Rising event which was held at the HoneyWell Auditorium, Lagos Business School for the Africa Business Conference proved that the private sector growth in Africa is an arm of the economy that could propel and enhance Intra-African Trade.

The event facilitated a great networking hub where private, businesses, senior public sector representatives and academia were able to forge partnerships to scale their current operations across the continent and shape the Africa of present and beyond.

This year’s event shed light on key issues and opportunities in Africa’s Manufacturing, Energy, Agri-Business, Fashion, ICT, Media & Entertainment and Solid Mineral sectors.

Keynote speaker, Rod Glover Blondin, renowned Economist and Advisor to Africa Exchange Holdings, spoke about trading and creating value across Africa, he said; “African businesses need to put in both economic and social prosperity – Africapitalism. We need to put in a sustainability index, to be a part of social capitalism and do our business with integrity; all these pay off in the end”.

He went on to add; “As private sector proponents, we need to actively voice our concerns, put forward solutions and suggestions, work with the public sector (not for them) and do not fight corruption with corruption”.

Actress Genevieve Nnaji

Actress Genevieve Nnaji, Audu Maikori of Chocolate City Records and Sam Onyemelukwe of Trace TV were also present to shed light on how the booming entertainment industry was helping to grow the African economy.

The second instalment of African Lions Rising proves that enhancing Intra-African Trade via private sector growth  may be the most viable way for Africa to shed the third world economy tag.

“A decade ago, Africa resembled the Asia of the 1960s, a jumble of undemocratic regimes, broken by conflict and poverty, with few prospects for progress. Today the story is different, Africa is one of the fastest-growing continents on Earth!” ~ Unknown