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Naturelle Suits Her Even With Nipple Pasties – NICKI MINAJ

Gone was the multi-coloured beehive, troweled on make-up and in her place was a ray of utter gorgeous sunshine. Nicki Minaj is that you? 

Sharing some candid selfies on her Instagram account, the world got to see that Nicki does actually have a glorious mane of long hair under the many multi-coloured wigs that she always adorns. She stated on her Instagram account: No perm, No extensions”. And also behind the plastered on make-up is a girl that most men would be proud to show off to their momma’s.

Rarely seen au-naturel the petite 5ft 2in 31 year old rapper and former America Idol judge could be seen holding her hair up in a cute ponytail looking into a vanity mirror. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a more natural look for Minaj.

However, the little minx could not help but show off her gorgeous hourglass figure in a sexy fishnet. Jealous? Us? Much J. To cap off the risqué look, the diva spotted some nipple pasties to show off her curves in all its glory, and caused a lot of speculation with a message that she posted the day before, which stated. “Please, don’t be a bitch to me. Because then I’ll have to be a bitch back and I can do it better than you.”

Following the Instagram insight into her world, Nicki tweeted to her 17.3 million followers, saying: “Lol I have more pics to post but maybe I should wait’. Many of her followers followed the public message with positive comments, with one follower stating; “Very beautiful, you look amazing, very natural, always do this, no more coloured wigs”. And we say ditto to that. View the pictures below and see if you agree.

By @LovingMedia

Rechere’s Hair & Beauty Academy Review by Angela Douglas

From the moment you walk into Rechere’s Hair & Beauty Academy you’re made to feel at ease, even though the thought of trainee hands messing in my natural Afro is never a soothing one! You know how particular we are about our roots; whether natural, straightened, jerry-curled, hot- combed, relaxed, dreaded, flat-ironed, braided, texturized, weaved, wigged or kinky! Don’t touch unless you’re qualified!

But all my worries melted away as my hairdresser, Jamie, paid full attention to detail with a full consultation before the wash and blow dry began, ensuring I had no previous allergies to products, abrasions or tenderness on my scalp, or hair problems in general. His gentle touch reassured me that he knew exactly how to handle natural hair, even if he didn’t have any.

After my Mizani shampoo, condition and a quick spray of Moroccan Oil, Jamie gave me the most enjoyable blow dry and flat-iron ever. No tugging my hair, no wrestling with knots, no burns from the heat, no singed ears, no ouches, and no need for soothing Vaseline afterwards.

Two complimentary drinks, chitchat and twenty pages of my book later I looked up to see flowing, flat, flickable hair. I must admit it’s only the second time a man has styled me, but it definitely won’t be the last. Jamie knows I will be back to take advantage of his current 50% discount offer, and Gihan’s 50% off Trainee Beauty Treatments.

The Academy, managed by Veronica Plummer, is split into four sections – massage rooms, beauty and nail treatment area, hairdressing salon and theory teaching room for the students. They offer an extensive range for both Diva’s and Divo’s available in any commercial salon; from waxing to facials, massage to manicures, European to Black hair treatments, in a clean, polite, friendly salon.

Rechere’s also catering for Pamper Parties great for a Hen Night or birthday treat, Princess Parties for your precious little cherubs age 5 plus, and Baby Showers to welcome your nearly newborn into the world. Veronica also makes the cutest Diaper Cakes in South London.

So, if you’re in need of a makeover from top to tail and want professional styling for less, take a stroll to the other side of Tooting Broadway – turn left out of the Tube Station, pass Sainsbury’s and walk for 3 minutes – for supper duper “Tranquil Moments” and “Hair To Dye For!”

Rechere’s Hair & Beauty Academy, 163 – 165 Tooting High St, London, SW17 0SY. Tel: 020 8672 7772. Open Monday to Saturday. Trainee Days: Beauty – Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Hairdressing – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2012 !!!

Fresher’s week – Breaking news –

Hot off the press – Brand spanking new

Who and what is making a debut at

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2012

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE loves to introduce revolutionary style ideas and this year we’ve scouted out the freshest and most talked about movers and shakers in hair and beauty industry to make the show’s line-up more exciting than ever! We are happy to announce that two new areas called the Natural Zone and Afro Nail & Beauty Bar have been added to the crowd-pleasing exhibitor list, which is set to make every visitors experience to Afro more unique, informative and utterly indulgent.

Calling all Naturalistas

There has been a seismic shift in women choosing to wear their natural hair texture and with this fast-growing sector causing a storm on the internet, we have recruited a host of top brands such as Beautiful Roots, Mixed Chicks, Simply Organics, Joseph Alex Botanical to showcase their latest and most innovative products.

Those who have decided or are dabbling with the idea of transitioning from chemicals to natural may be confronted with the following concerns: Do you know how to look after your texture? Do you understand your curl pattern? Can you find the right hairstyle? All these questions can be answered at one of our exclusive seminars headed by a leading industry expert, who will be ready and waiting to impart their knowledge and unlock the secret to beautiful hair.


Popular hair care range, Root2Tip, has easy-to-follow advice for mothers who need guidance on how to look after their little ones’ hair. Xina Boderick from Nature’s Parlour will be conducting an essential seminar on natural skin care.

Natural Hair Ambassador from USA, Taliah Waajid, will demonstrate how to wear on-trend natural styles that are protective and suitable for any curl type.

Afro tip

To get the most out of these one-of-a-kind seminars, we suggest that you write down every question you have about natural hair and bring them along on the day. You can even bring photos of hairstyles you are interesting in wearing and have an expert help you choose what will work best for you!

 Get a Glamover

Budding Fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts who like to be seen rocking fashion-forward trends can treat themselves to a much sought-after 3D and free-hand nail art design. Spotted on the talons of Rihanna and Beyonce, trained technicians who will be at the show on both days, have a bevy of tailor-made styles that will transform nails pronto. Alternatively, why not take advantage of a free matching foundation consultation and colour analysis from the make-up pros will be on hand to give tips and tricks on how to revamp and upgrade make-up looks.

The Afro Nail & Beauty Bar offers a tranquil oasis that allows visitors to rest and relax while having a beauty treatment. There are a number of spa-like fixes to choose from such as Indian head massages, manicures, eyebrow and chin threading, waxing and eyelash extensions all starting from an affordable £5.

For further information please contact:

Cafui d’Almeida on 020 7498 1795 or email admin@afrohairshow.com