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Palace of Versailles Says Non To Kim K & Kanye

Non non non! Looks like money can’t buy you – your wedding location of choice. News just in on KIMYE; the Palace of Versailles have refused Kim Kardashian and Kanye West permission to marry in the national historic French monument as they are viewed as not being distinguished enough. Having set their hearts on marrying at the former abode of France’s pre-revolution kings and queens, this must have come as a disappointing blow for the couple who will now tie the knot officially in Florence. However in every cloud there is a silver lining as palace officials have agreed to the hot couple, family and friends being granted a tour of the Palace after closing hours.


Looking slightly downcast the couple spotted today in their workout gears, did not crack a smile for the paps who have been on their tails since they landed in the French capital Paris ahead of their 24th of May wedding. Cheer up KIMYE, the world and his mistress would be watching avidly on your big day and you are guaranteed front page insertions the day after.

Louboutin Special – DIVA Talks Heels!!

Welcome my lovelies it’s a sunny day here in Lagos when is it never but I just had an epiphany about shoes…Louboutins to be precise! They are such a beautiful creation Christian Louboutin is indeed a very talented individual.

In celebration of the phenomenal fashion key statement, in London there is a Louboutin exhibition which started from May 1st and ends July 9th 2012. This event will showcase the luxurious shoes which have been captivating wardrobes for 20 years of varied shoe designs. Christian Louboutin apparently created the famous red bottom by painting the bottom of a stiletto with red nail varnish. I must admit I’ve tried this once myself with my Aldo pumps and failed miserably!!

In the last 2 years Louboutins are becoming a fast tracked trend with each fashionable woman buying into it. The beautifully crafted shoe celebrated 20 years last year, Louboutin apparently created these luxurious beauties by painting the bottom of a stiletto with red nail varnish! Shocker I must admit I tried this technique with my Aldo pumps and failed miserably.. Let’s take a look at that magnificent red sole.

This classic Louboutin pump is absolutely to die for..its 5 inch heel and luscious red sole can be teamed with work wear and glamorised, for a night on the town with the girlies.

The “Louboutin plague” is a trend we can thank the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian whom all effortlessly team these beauties with their outstanding outfits.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore an beautiful red dress (Alexander McQueen) and teamed it with a mustard paw like shoe with a bejazzled back and of course the red bottom heel!! This shoe is for those daring to do.

Rihanna has enjoyed her fair share of Louboutins by wearing it to various awards, night’s outs and photo shoots!

Rihanna poses here in a playful manner the term “girl next door” springs to mind even though Rihanna is the obvious opposite to this perception. The Louboutins are a dusty colour which compliments the outfit and the red sole even though, hidden in this picture from the side view is obvious.

Recently for the Grammys pre- lunch my idol wore her own customised Louboutin how adorable does she look?? Rihanna has chosen a very sophisticated look and teamed it with the classic pump with Rihanna being a certified fashionista many women want to own a pair like myself..! *sighhh*

Kim Kardashian has an undeniably large collection of these beautiful shoes! She tweeted this envious picture recently which sent Tweeters into frenzy around the world!

This envious picture of her colourful Loubs makes my eyes and mouth water..hehe I’m sooo jealous! In all my jealousy I will continue to praise Kim for her dazzling shoe collection.. Look at those fabulous red bottoms stocked up neatly in her wardrobe! #Dribblealert shoes are my addiction and by the looks of things I’m not alone in that!!

Below is a personal favourite picture of Kim on the Grammys red carpet last year, funnily enough it’s not as outlandish as some of her shoes but I just love it for its simplicity.

These glamorous pair of Loubs compliment the outfit Kim embraces the silver trend perfectly by blending this different shade of silver with the gown. The futuristic look was nailed perfectly here by Kim! Kimmie we salute you and your Louboutin collection.

We may not be able to afford these beautiful creations, however high street stores such as Topshop and Zara, have shoes designed to distinctly resemble the luxurious shoes however for a reasonable price.

Take a look at these Topshop beauties compared to those highly desirable Loubs…

The only difference visible here is the luxurious red sole but everything else from cut and shape is completely the same.

So dolls do not fear the Louboutin plague is available in high street stores get shopping!!