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Against This Gorgeous Backdrop, Would You Not Want To Lose Inches From Your Derriere?

Luxury residence Chateau Lou Casteou in the South of France, this week hosts its fitness retreat – Body Tonic, 4-8 May, 2016.


Set in the beautiful French Riviera countryside the luxurious retreat provides a balance of different energetic training classes, stunning coastal and mountain treks, meals prepared by a private chef and chateau accommodation.

Here David Higgins, the highly skilled performance fitness coach who leads the fitness program, presents his five key fitness tips for summer.


1)         ROLL IT OUT

Myofacial release, massage and foam rolling, prior to exercising, allows the muscle to breath and feed better, enhancing stamina by up to 10%.

 Myofacial Release is foam rolling or massage, which manually stretches the muscle fibres, more so than a static muscle stretch. It aids in lymph drainage and improves circulation through the muscle, making it more efficient. It also improves efficiency of the body, in removing the bi-products of exercise such as lactic acid. Massage has been around since before the Greek Empire – foam rolling is just unassisted massage.

2)         GET ANAEROBIC

Anaerobic exercise is less efficient and requires more energy per minute of exercise – if you are pushed for time and have good fitness then go anaerobic (power and strength).

Anaerobic exercise (without oxygen) is less efficient than aerobic exercise (requiring oxygen) because it requires more energy per second. Anaerobic exercises are generally power and strength exercises, for example sprinting rather than jogging; you will require far more energy (ATP) to sprint 100m rather than jog it. Unfortunately you need a good level of aerobic fitness (lungs and circulation) for you to safely train anaerobically.


Fuel the body prior to exercise and maintain good hydration throughout – allowing for better homeostasis.

Homeostasis relates to the chemical reactions that happen in your body, in this case for the production of energy. Water is the solution that these chemical reactions take place in. If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated, if your muscle is fatigued then you are again late in providing it with energy. Fuel up before, during and after exercise to make sure your body reacts in its most efficient manner.


Use free weights. This encourages more muscle to be utilised through the kinetic chain and challenges your core.

The kinetic chain is the integrated use of many muscles in a movement or exercise. For example if you were doing a standing overhead press with some dumbbells as opposed to a seated overhead press on a fixed machine, your body would need to recruit many more muscles for the standing overhead press with dumbbells. The main moving muscles would be the same for both types of exercise – the deltoids and the triceps – but the free weights requires you to use your fixating or stabilising muscles. Your legs and glutes stabilise your position from the floor (they are engaged but not moving), your core muscles are engaged to provide a strong base for the moving muscles above.

5)         STRETCH IT OUT

Stretch before and after exercise will help prevent muscle pulls and aid in recovery. Each stretch should be for a minimum of ten seconds.

Stretching helps prevent injury. Static stretching is essential prior to exercise because it warns you if a muscle is tight and therefore more susceptible to injury often in the form of a pulled muscle. A dynamic stretch post static stretching, for example lunging prior to a sprint race, again helps stretch the muscle fibres. It also improves the blood circulation to the legs by dilating the arteries and veins in the legs, which means more fuel and quicker removal of waste products.

Chateau Lou Casteou1


The Body Tonic luxury fitness retreats are priced at £1,550 pp (inc VAT) pp for a private en-suite room with a sea or mountain view or £1,350 pp (inc VAT) for two guests sharing a room. The price includes five days accommodation, all meals with wine, champagne reception on arrival, daily fitness classes, coastal treks, water aerobics, one massage, yoga and stretching classes and transfers from Nice airport. The next Autumn Body Tonic event dates are Wednesday October 12th to Sunday October 16th  at Chateau Lou Casteou, Cote d’Azur, France.


BY: Leila Stocker

Beauty From The Inside Out!

A happy New Year from us all here at DivaScribe. After the over indulgence of the Christmas period, detox your body and get ready for the year ahead. There are so many ways we can maximise our health and beauty regimes, so start the New Year afresh and enjoy my top 5 tips to a better you.

1. Smoothies- You Are What You Eat

Heath enthusiasts everywhere have been raving about the benefits of smoothies, and if you haven’t tried them yourself, start now! Packed full of vitamins and minerals, smoothies are an easy way of boasting your immunity and leaving you with radiant skin from the inside out. Try the recipe below for a refreshing start to your day.

1 head of organic romaine lettuce(chopped)
1/2 bunch of organic spinach
3-4 stalks of celery
1 organic apple(cored and chopped)
1 organic pear
1/3 bunch coriander
a juice of 1/2 lemon
1 1/2 cup cold water


Exercise, and exercise more. This gets your cells going this year. The benefits of exercise are endless, and your body will look better for it. If you can’t get to the gym there are a number of DVD’s available to help you along the way. Stay focused on your fitness and you won’t regret it. Try Kelly Rowland’s sexy abs DVD and make fitness fun!

3.Dry Brushing

Stimulate your circulation and lymph system by dry body brushing. It’s a simple way of giving yourself an inexpensive treatment from the comfort of your own home.  Always use natural bristles, and brush towards your heart in circular motions all over your body. Perfect just before your step into the shower.

4.Facials and Massages.

Facials and massages are not just for those special occasions.  Make it a must to unblock your pores, create some me time, and invest  in healthy skin this year! Charlotte Vøhtz, Founder of Green People gives us an amazing massage technique you can try at home.

Use gentle upward strokes with your hands around the collar bone, jawline to the top of the cheeks and out towards the ears.  Use your thumb and forefinger to gently pinch off the ears, and then with the pads of your fingers gently tap your eyebrows and on the bone underneath the eye and then on the forehead, and finish by gently but firmly pressing the temples”.

5. Stay Hydrated

It’s been said time and time again, but drinking water is the perfect solution to clearer skin. Flushing out toxins, from your body and keeping hydrated. If you can’t stomach plain water, there are a host of wonderful herbal teas out there. So replace your cup of coffee for something caffeine free and see the difference.

By Teiko Dornor-Tagoe