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London’s Diverse Creative Landscape To Be Celebrated In New Exhibition In Greenwich Peninsula


NOW Gallery announces that it will celebrate London’s diverse creative landscape in a new cross-cultural installation, Home Affairs, running 20th August – 4 September 2015.

The exhibition is a collaboration between furniture designer Yinka Ilori, fashion designer Christine Mhando of London-based CHiCHiA and creative consultant Arieta Mujay. Together they will create four theatrical, visually compelling conceptual spaces, brought to life with curated film, archival footage and performance. Framed by the language of traditional Nigerian & Swahili parables, the spaces will be filled with thought-provoking furniture, indigenous plants, designed objects, garments and wallpapers inspired by bespoke Khanga textiles, with visitors encouraged to navigate and explore.

The installation will be further enlivened with illustrations by Lulu Kitololo and spoken word performances by Project Tribe’s Bazaar •{Bohemian}•

More On The Creatives…

Yinka Ilori is a London based designer. He specialises in up-cycling vintage furniture, inspired by the traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that surrounded him as child. He has exhibited internationally in solo shows: This Is Where It Started, The Whitespace Gallery, Lagos, October, 2014; Yinka Ilori, Just Africa, Stockholm March 2014 and It Started With a Parable, Jaguar Shoes, London in collaboration with London Design Week, December, 2013. And group exhibitions: Making Africa, Vitra Design Museum, Basel, March, 2015 touring to Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Autumn 2015; Africa Calling, Africa Utopia, Southbank Centre, September 2014; Creative Britain feature stand, British European Design Group, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), New York May 2012. Yinka Ilori’s pieces are available for purchase here, at lifestyle stores in London and at Temple Muse, Nigeria and can be viewed by appointment at his East London studio.

Yinka Ilori2
Yinka Ilori


Yinka Ilori
Yinka Ilori

Christine Mhando is a Tanzanian-born, London-based designer. Mhando launched the label that bears her childhood nickname, CHiCHiA, in 2007, an amalgamation of both continents and cultures from which the designer was born and raised. The label’s signature transpires from the artful application of the ‘Khanga’, a traditional East African cotton-printed fabric used by local women as wraps. With Beyonce as a fan, Chichia goes from strength to strength as an international African brand that modernises and transforms traditional East African textiles into stylish, contemporary and considered fashionable attire.

Christine Mhando
Christine Mhando

Arieta Mujay is a fashion creative who has been working in fashion at various capacities for 15 years across the UK and Africa. Arieta has styled and worked a host of celebrities including Rihanna, Kelis, Amber Le Bon, Kelly Rowland, Alesha Dixon, Pixie Lott and Lily Allen. Mujay is a reviewer and contributor for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s online platform, a mentor to young businesses and an avid supporter of female empowerment.

Arieta Mujay
Arieta Mujay
Arieta Mujay
Arieta Mujay

Bazaar •{Bohemian}• (Vanessa Coore) is originally from California and is currently based out of Atlanta. Coore, one half of Afropolitan blog duo Project Tribe, uses her social media platforms to provide creative nourishment, spread #PositiveLoveEnergy, and highlight new and developed brands from all over the world. Through her social media platforms she’s been able to offer distinct and creative visuals that tell stories through a bohemian inspired lifestyle. Her goal when featuring brands is to highlight them in a unique, and aspirational way.


Bazaar •{Bohemian}• Vanessa Coore
Bazaar •{Bohemian}• Vanessa Coore
Bazaar •{Bohemian}• Vanessa Coore
Bazaar •{Bohemian}• Vanessa Coore

NOW Gallery, conceived as part of the on-going regeneration of Greenwich Peninsula, sits within a hub designed by architects Marks Barfield moments from the O2 and North Greenwich station. The hub, formed of two curved glass pavilions linked by a patinated brass-edged canopy – longer than the wing span of an Airbus A380 – contains NOW Gallery, a cafe, restaurant, sky bar and charcuterie. As visitors emerge from North Greenwich tube station and look to the right they will see the pavilions, the art installations within and also through them to the Emirates cable car along a line of latitude.

Chicken Skin To Beautiful Swan In 6 Simple Steps


Have you ever looked at your arms and noticed rough patches of dry skin? Did an itchy rash stop you from wearing your gorgeous sleeveless top again? You are not the only one! Unfortunately, almost 40% of us suffer from bumpy skin at the back of the upper arms, commonly known as Chicken Skin.


Ketorasis Pilaris, which is the medical term for this ailment, can occur at any age, usually runs in families and often goes hand-in-hand with chronic dry skin. What causes this embarassing condition? When our skin produces too much keratin, it accumulates at the opening of each individual hair follicle, blocking pores. Theselittle bumps can make the surface appear irritated and inflamed, that’s why it’s so important to take special care.


We asked Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at NutriCentre.com to give us her tips on what to do, to get your arms summer-ready and banish those bumps:

‘Make sure you exfoliate the area regularly with natural and gentle exfoliator. Avoid anything too abrasive though, as this can cause damage to your skin.’
‘Massage the affected areas twice a day with a natural gentle moisturiser to soften bumps. Some people have found a real benefit by using coconut oil to moisturise the area.’
‘Make sure you use a gentle non-harsh soap when you wash.’

‘Eat plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to skin.  Add oily fish to your diet such as mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies and salmon.  If you are a vegetarian eat flaxseeds or chia seeds.’

‘Make sure your digestive system is running properly. Digestive disorders can manifest themselves in poor skin condition. Lack of nutrient absorption can contribute to Keratosis Pilaris.  You may want to consider taking a digestive enzyme if you think you may suffer from lack of nutrients. Also make sure that your intestinal flora is balanced.  It is important to have enough good bacteria to ensure a proper digestive system.  Try taking a good quality probiotic.’
‘Remove any foods, which may be an allergen. Such foods may include dairy, gluten and sugar.’

To help you get rid of chicken skin, try:


By: Shona Wilkinson

Errol Douglas MBE Picks His Top Red Carpet Hair Looks From The Grammys 2014!

Alisha Keys

“This lady gets the Grammys and gets her afro hair – go silky quiff, and smooth sided sweep up, I love it.  This is all about the condition and the definition of the curl in the quiff – both have to be on point to avoid just a mass piled in an up do. Blow dry smooth with a directional blow dry, dryer nozzle pointed upwards from  root to end in an “up and back” movement. My infrared dryer will dry from the inside out so with moisture locked in, the hair stays hydrated and responds better to a curl defining styling product to finish.  Use a high shine mist to pat and smooth the sides to create the drama in the height.”

 Taylor Swift

“A soft playful pony for last year’s Heidi braid winner, and it works perfectly with her high sparkle intricately detailed Gucci gown. I love the low side parting that shows off the freshness of her young complexion. For maximum swish the positioning of the pony, equi-distant between nape and crown is key, and a gentle finger comb (not brush back comb)of the tonged sections will build in a little body without stiffness”


“A soft playful pony for last year’s Heidi braid winner, and it works perfectly with her high sparkle intricately detailed Gucci gown.  I love the low side parting that shows off the freshness of her young complexion. For maximum swish the positioning of the pony, equi-distant between nape and crown is key, and a gentle finger comb (not brush back comb)of the tonged sections will build in a little body without stiffness”

 Katy Perry

“Katy’s big bold up do, complete with stunning braided hairpiece, let’s this Valentino gown literally sing.  This Grammy Girl gets it right.  Great shine built into her perfectly brushed back hair allows the braid to pop.  Up do hair pieces are a great way to totally transform your look for a big night – I love the Balmain and PAK choices out there at the moment”

Rita Ora

“My favourite look of the night – hands down.  Brunette mid-length Rita Hayworth  is “Ora’d” into  Platinum shoulder kissing glossy sexy set waves bringing young edge to vintage. Perfect for that high glitz Lanvin choice too. To avoid losing theshine, my infrared dryer delivers a speed dry whilst locking moisture from the inside out for minimal impact on condition. Tong from ear to ends, pin each up as you go along (leave pinned for as long as you can before heading out), then carefully (and VERY gently) rake out each curled section with fingers, hold with non texture changing hairspray”

Louise Roe

“Our stylish Brit L-Roe nailed this soft high shine vintage side sweep that contrasts beautifully with the hard edge of her laser cut leather dress.  A good volume blow dry from the roots that doesn’t suck the moisture out allows her ombre and soft tonged waves (start just below the ear and curl to ends) to really deliver  the glamour. To avoid losing the shine, my infrared dryer delivers a speed dry whilst locking in in moisture from the inside out for minimal impact on condition. Lift at the roots with a barrel brush and point the dryer nozzle downwards as you go”


WIN the gift of beautiful skin this Valentines!

As the leading pioneers in Aromatherapy, Yon-Ka have harnessed their 59 years of research into a stunning gift collection, giving you the gift of beautiful skin this Valentines. This stunning collection of beauty clutch bags gives your loved ones introduction to one of the world’s most luxurious beauty brands whilst transforming daily beauty regime into a unique spa-style experience that delivers genuine results. An A-List fave loved by Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Alice Eve, Blake Lively, and Sienna Miller.


Yon-Ka’s Absolute Hydration clutch is packed with the range’s top three most hydrating and comforting facial products. Crème 28, a luxuriously velvety day cream, Hydralia, a unique miracle working serum rich in fruit acids, and Masque N°1.  This super hydrating trio will smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, relieve taut skin and leave the complexion feeling plump, soft and comfortable, for a truly velvety experience. RRP: £80.00


Yon-Ka’s Absolute Vitality clutch contains the perfect radiance boosting trio. Pamplemousse, a celebrity favourite day moisturiser rich in essential oils, provides a shot of citrusy energy and silkiness. Similarly, Phyto 58 detoxifies, regenerates and brightens the complexion while you sleep. Rich in refreshing Rosemary extracts, the invigoration of this powerful night cream can be felt throughout the entire body. Lastly, Masque N°1 brings a super hydrated finish to a silky, energised complexion.
Available in both PS for dry skin and PNG for normal-oily skin. RRP: £78.00



Moisturise and ebb away the stresses of the festive season with the soothing and luxuriously aromatic body and hand hydrating duo. Yon-Ka’s Absolute Softness clutch is packed with Yon-Ka’s most sumptuous body products. Lait Corps, a velvety hydrating body milk which softens and regenerates skin and Nutri-Protect, a 3 in 1 repairing hand cream. Lait Corps will lavish your body in essential grape seed and almond oils, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and super silky! Similarly, Nutri-Protect will repair the driest of hands allowing them to retain their youthful appearance whilst invigorating you with the scent of sweet orange, grapefruit, mandarin and magnolia.

RRP: £52.00

Buy online at www.yonkashop.co.uk or call 0207 518 8370

To win, tell us how you plan to create your ‘me time’ and indulge this VALENTINES.

Competition Now Closed

Email to: talkback2divascribe@divascribe.com

All entrants must reside in the UK


Beyonce On Cover Of Vogue’s March [Power 2013] Issue

Does she ever put  her perfectly pedicured  foot wrong? The answer is a resounding NO! Queen B – or as we call her at DS HQ our ‘Virgoan Spiritual  Sister’ Beyonce, is one hot to trot inspirational diva. Straight off her still twitch if you can’t dance performance at the super bowl (half-time), she has now graced the March cover [Power 2013]  of fashion bible Vogue. In the issue she talks mama-hood , her new album and  all things that make you want to love her some more. Oh and did we mention the divalicious retro-inspired shoot directed by Patrick Demarchelier?  Check this out…..

Behind the scenes – Vogue shoot….

Also worthy of a check out  is the video PROMO for her upcoming Mrs Carter World Tour ….utterly fab darling.

Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2012 !!!

Fresher’s week – Breaking news –

Hot off the press – Brand spanking new

Who and what is making a debut at

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2012

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE loves to introduce revolutionary style ideas and this year we’ve scouted out the freshest and most talked about movers and shakers in hair and beauty industry to make the show’s line-up more exciting than ever! We are happy to announce that two new areas called the Natural Zone and Afro Nail & Beauty Bar have been added to the crowd-pleasing exhibitor list, which is set to make every visitors experience to Afro more unique, informative and utterly indulgent.

Calling all Naturalistas

There has been a seismic shift in women choosing to wear their natural hair texture and with this fast-growing sector causing a storm on the internet, we have recruited a host of top brands such as Beautiful Roots, Mixed Chicks, Simply Organics, Joseph Alex Botanical to showcase their latest and most innovative products.

Those who have decided or are dabbling with the idea of transitioning from chemicals to natural may be confronted with the following concerns: Do you know how to look after your texture? Do you understand your curl pattern? Can you find the right hairstyle? All these questions can be answered at one of our exclusive seminars headed by a leading industry expert, who will be ready and waiting to impart their knowledge and unlock the secret to beautiful hair.


Popular hair care range, Root2Tip, has easy-to-follow advice for mothers who need guidance on how to look after their little ones’ hair. Xina Boderick from Nature’s Parlour will be conducting an essential seminar on natural skin care.

Natural Hair Ambassador from USA, Taliah Waajid, will demonstrate how to wear on-trend natural styles that are protective and suitable for any curl type.

Afro tip

To get the most out of these one-of-a-kind seminars, we suggest that you write down every question you have about natural hair and bring them along on the day. You can even bring photos of hairstyles you are interesting in wearing and have an expert help you choose what will work best for you!

 Get a Glamover

Budding Fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts who like to be seen rocking fashion-forward trends can treat themselves to a much sought-after 3D and free-hand nail art design. Spotted on the talons of Rihanna and Beyonce, trained technicians who will be at the show on both days, have a bevy of tailor-made styles that will transform nails pronto. Alternatively, why not take advantage of a free matching foundation consultation and colour analysis from the make-up pros will be on hand to give tips and tricks on how to revamp and upgrade make-up looks.

The Afro Nail & Beauty Bar offers a tranquil oasis that allows visitors to rest and relax while having a beauty treatment. There are a number of spa-like fixes to choose from such as Indian head massages, manicures, eyebrow and chin threading, waxing and eyelash extensions all starting from an affordable £5.

For further information please contact:

Cafui d’Almeida on 020 7498 1795 or email admin@afrohairshow.com