Celebrity Big Brother UK has piqued my interest

Rejection Trap Day one  – well she did put her hand up for #CBB #BB….

Kerry gets picked for the chop, bet that elicited a collective sigh of relief from the safe housemates. But Big Brother then gave her (Kerry), 2 go back to safe playhouse chips, and she played wisely  and tactically by picking the two housemates that were most likely to go up for eviction if immediate votes were cast.  Bobby needs to show or grow a personality to go with the looks & and kick off the modesty wool coat to survive. Strangely reminds me of the OCD clean freak Alex Sibley that was in a previous series.  Sarah Bercow needs to get her Alpha Female persona down a notch to be saved. Or was it first day nerves magnifying a personality trait?  She may surprise us all, wife of the Speaker of House Commons with a bit of a risqué edge in Big Brother? Hmmm.  The first elimination will be a very interesting one to watch unravel….

Cookie Remould or Free-fall? (Chances #BB)

Moving on, Tara Reid really did mean her question about what British sausages were made from. She should have got the diva task. She would have really annoyed the hell out of her fellow housemates and viewers. People will either take to her, or she gets the chop at the first eviction (great media fodder).

Loved the way the question came out though – very American and forthright.  Personality wise ??(seemingly??) she interacts with people the way aliens are imagined to do with humans – she’s still a cookie on the ball – hopefully there won’t be free-fall scenario(s).

I Know You, Get Off Your High Horse  –  It’s All About Positioning

Interesting banter/ power struggle chat that Paddy Doherty and Sarah Bercow shared.  If Bercow says that a scenario will never happen it never does – she controls her world apparently…

But can she have same control in the #BB house? I doubt it, though she doesn’t sound like a woman who likes to be disagreed with. If her interactions with Paddy stays on this keel a day too long – we will get good TV out of them.  

Would be interesting to see how they get on with the younger ones in the house and the dynamic relationships that will be forged with Pamela Bach and the in-house paparazzi boss Darryn Lyons. Imaginary camera shutters would be going off in Lyons head.


My too many (may’s) paragraph – an anagram for Amy, obviously without the ‘s’

Amy Childs, now what can you really say…she will be in for a while and she may surprise us, by staying in longer than most people expect/anticipate.  May raise a few eyebrows and temperatures within the house – however I think the females in the house may get protective towards her. Lucien Laviscount on the other hand does not stand a chance against her charms.

Her ditzy persona will be her saving grace, but will it always be for real? (Remember No Managers ALLOWED!).   She is hungry for #BB cherry pie fame though. She looked pleadingly desperate to go into the #DiaryRoom when the first call to it was made. Luckily for her, Kerry got the gig (fuck a duck).

Did #BB play the housemates from the start though? – Kerry went in first and it was almost sacrosanct in her fellow housemates’ minds that she was the right person to take the #Diary Room call – entrapment and all folks hmmmm. …

Career boosters, revivals, new starts , ratings war  whatever – hope it turns out to be good TV and a worthy investment for Channel  5. Highest viewer ratings in 12 years….we’ll see with Jedward in there.

Your Classic Summer Must Haves

Floral Border Bardot Dress - Long Tall Sally
Blue Suede Ankle Boot - Tamaris
Pleat waist dress – Betty Jackson
Grey Blazer with Black Trim – Marks & Spencer


Connie 1960s mini dress - Silk & Sawdust
Betty Jackson. Black Colour Block Dress - Debenhams
J by Jasper Conran Blazer at Debenhams
Bea champagne - Dune
Orange split pencil skirt – Primark
Raw Cut Shopper - French Connection
Star by Julien MacDonald leopard wedge
Fever Oxford Skirt
Long Pencil Skirt - Phase Eight
Wooden wedges - Next
In his jeans – Jacamo
Butia – Pied a Terre
Green Leather Gladiators - Tamaris
Orange suede wedge – New Look
Black leather 'Madeka' woven tassel bag Angel Jackson for House of Fraser
Red satchel bag - M&Co
Juniper Espadrille Wedge Sandal - French Connection
Animal print jacket – Littlewoods

@PhoebeeeOnline checks out Graffiti

Diva Hot Spot: Graffiti

Where: 561 Garrat Lane, Earlsfield, London, SW18 4SR

Type of Venue: Friendly cocktail bar

What to wear: Something casual and relaxed

Graffiti is a cocktail bar like no other. Forget any preconceptions you might have about what cocktail bars are supposed to be like; this bar is one of the most relaxed atmospheres I’ve ever been in. With really comfortable seating and low lighting you almost feel as though you are sitting in your living room with your friends. Whilst the venue is quite small there is ample seating and plenty of space to relax with a big group. Graffiti is a very inclusive and interactive bar with a wide variety of music to suit different tastes and incredible cocktails. 

The name of this bar hints at the style, the bar is decorated in a fun and edgy way with bright colours on the dark walls and plenty of bright paint. This is the kind of place that I would go back to time and time again and the owners have capitalised on this by presenting customers with a challenge, to try every cocktail on the extensive menu. The reward is a bottle of champagne and with 2 for 1 all night on a Monday and happy hours during the week, why wouldn’t you?! The friendly atmosphere of the bar is enhanced by the staff who are absolute experts and they are obviously passionate about their jobs and their enthusiasm is infectious.

With 11 pages of cocktails all categorised in different groups from classics to more modern cocktails there is something to suit absolutely every taste. The cocktails are delicious. The fact that the staff have memorised the recipes of every single one of these complicated cocktails was really impressive. The menu catered to my sweet tooth and I chose mainly from the ‘Sweet Shop’ section. As a lover of Malibu, I would especially recommend the ‘Bounty’ cocktail. This cocktail is phenomenal. The subtle blend of Baileys, chocolate syrup, milk and cream is supreme and the hit of coconut provided by the Malibu makes this cocktail absolute perfection. It’s like drinking dessert.

The best things about Graffiti are that it is chilled out; fun and the cocktails will ensure that you go back time and time again. I came away from the bar vowing to try and recreate the cocktails at home, and to go back very soon.

For more information visit their website: http://www.graffitibar.co.uk/index.html


@PhoebeeeOnline checks out Aquum

Diva Hot Spot – “Aquum”

Where: 68-70 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7UL

Type of Venue: Classy bar with a nightclub vibe

What to wear: Anything from a summer dress and heels to jeans and a dressy top, at the weekend it’s a place worth dressing up for.


This week I was at Aquum. A lovely spot with lots of space, decorated in an upmarket and luxurious style but still really comfortable – with plush white seating. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. The bar is large and clean with a huge range of drinks on offer from beer to cocktails. The staff are really friendly and add to the lively atmosphere of the place. This is one of those rare places that anyone can come in and really have a good time, no matter what their tastes are. There is space to relax and have a chat with friends but if you do feel like getting up and dancing as most people do by the end of the night, Aquum can cater for that. There is a VIP area above the main bar and a lower level area which is more private with lounge seating and comfortable booths.  If you do want to have a quiet chat, there is a lovely seating area outside right on the high road which also acts as a smoking area.

With drinks costing up to about £8.50, it’s worth making the most of the 2 for 1 offer which draws in a lot of customers: Monday to Wednesday 5pm-11pm or if you’re going on Thursday, Friday or Sunday: 5pm -9pm. I would definitely recommend the cocktails here; they have a huge range and something to suit every taste. The bar staff are experts and act really professionally while still joining in with the party behind the bar. There is a choice of long, short and classic drinks. My personal favourite is the strawberry mojito, topped with fresh fruit, as are most of their cocktails. There is also a good range of non-alcoholic cocktails which are just as tasty. Aquum also offers Mediterranean themed bar snacks from lamb kofta to crab samosas if you stop by there for something to eat.

The music is very upbeat with a live DJ and on the Wednesday night that I went there were also live drums which really added to the exotic feel of the whole night. Even though the music wasn’t all to my taste there was a range of different styles and I was never bored for long as the DJ kept the music changing and fast paced. I was surprised that it was so lively on a Wednesday night which just goes to show the popularity of the bar. With celebrity guests such as professional British swimmer Mark Foster, this is our new hotspot.

All in all a great find with a really mature atmosphere and cocktails you will never forget. So it’s no surprise that Aquum won the new best bar award in 2010.

Aquum have just opened a branch in Esher: 51 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9RQ

For more information see their website: http://www.aquum.co.uk and also see www.divascribecom (top right hand to view to video footage of Aquum.)

Watch Aquum in action

Our Diva to watch this month is….Freida Pinto


The beautiful diva Freida was born into a Catholic Family in Mumbai and she dreamed of becoming an actress from the age of 5. Frieda modelled for four years and was managed by Elite Model Management though Frieda is best known as an actress. Her most popular role to date is playing Latika in Slumdog Millionaire for which she was nominated for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” at the 2009 BAFTA Awards and won the Screen Actors Guild Award for “Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture” alongside other cast members from Slumdog Millionaire.

She was inspired by:

The model Sushmita Sen who won Miss Universe 1994 when Freida was 10. This turned out to be a defining moment in Freida’s life and many young girls now look to Freida as an inspiring figure in the same way that she looked at Sushmita.

Why she inspires us:

  • She has a BA majoring in English Literature with minors in Psychology and Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She studied while she acted in plays and amateur theatre
  • She also works with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf on their philanthropic organisation “The Agassi Foundation” which supports the education of underprivileged children.
  • Pinto is featured in People magazine’s “Most Beautiful People List” and “List of World’s Best Dressed Women”
  • According to The Daily Telegraph, she is currently the highest paid Indian actress

Surprising Fact:

  • Pinto is trained in different forms of Indian classical dance as well as Salsa, I wonder if we will be seeing any of these talents in her upcoming films?

Look out for her in:

  • The 2011 fantasy-action-drama film, Immortals, in which she will play the role of the oracle priestess Phaedra.
  • The highly anticipated Rise of the Planet of the Apes coming out August 5th 2011. See the movie trailer on www.divascribe.com

See our article on her: http://www.divascribe.com/DivaProfilesOn/Finding-Freida-a-78.html

A Friend’s BETRAYAL – Watch OUT, She’s After HIM!

She was insidious the way she came into her life, all sweetness, light and Christianity. Boy this former friend of a friend has thought me a valuable lesson when it comes to letting anyone into my life. It is looking more and more like relationships are very transient amongst some sisters these days, as they can easily give it all up as they systematically work on destroying another’s life or as the case may be – get into another sisters man’s boxer shorts or wallet.

Take Sophia* going through a rough patch, having recently split from her partner of 5years with whom she has two children (yep you got it right – a single mama). This was a relationship that was fraught with problems, and it was inevitable that it would come to an end, but who knows it may have worked out if it wasn’t for external interference. As splits go, it was a messy one.

Sophia* took May* into her life, she supported her [May*] when she too went through a rough breakup. Her loyalty was unquestionable – she gave financial assistance, was non-judgemental, gave emotional support whenever she was called upon. Little did she know that the little twerp of a friend had always had her eye on her man. Now before you start thinking that it was an Angelina Jolie / Brad Pitt/ Jennifer Aniston situation here, no it wasn’t – it was worse than that. This woman brings a whole new meaning to the phrase green snakes on green grasses not been dangerous compared to venomous cobras [she is the former] as they are assumed unthreatening. Give me a cobra any day, at least that way I know where I stand!

May* bid her time and stepped in [uninvited] into Sophia’s and UD’s* marital spat. Unbeknown to Sophia* whom had requested that May* not get involved in the dispute, behind her back,  May* initiated contact with Sophia’s partner via the social network site (Facebook), that has seen many cheating scoundrels caught with their pants around their ankles and their bits angrily looking to poke any available moist hole that they can find. I digress – she made contact with UD* unbeknown to her mate and filled his head with rubbish over a five month period. So much damage was done by this wicked Jezebel,  but the most painful was that she somehow managed to convince UD to stop paying the amicable child support that he once did, but it gets more scandalous  – he has now boarded up at her place and according to rumours they would be getting hitched soon!

Now ladies – I only tell this true tale of my friend’s woes as I believe that there is a lesson to be learnt by all. Do the following to ensure that the same faith does not befall you, and most importantly that you do not have any negative energy vampires hanging in your life.

  1. Never ever discuss your marital affairs with your so called best friend. If you are married to him, then he is your best friend and should be the person that you talk to when you’ve got a bone to pick. Chinese whispers have a funny way of being used as lethal weapons. If you see a future with him then keep schtum.
  2. Never ever ever ever (how many times?) invite your friend to spend nights or a night at your crib.  Such close proximity between your partner and the she-devil could breed unnecessary intimacy. She/he might be prone to a desire to discuss your marital issues, and even worse still, she might like the same football team that he supports. And if your luck doesn’t hold, there may be a game on Sky Sports on the day that she crashes at yours.
  3. You should have the antennae for discernment chipped into your brain cells. Learn how to smell out the bullshit merchants who claim to be what and who they are clearly not. My personal tip: If they sound too good to be real, then they are too good to be real. No one will ever love you more than you do you. So all that “you are so great”, “you are so this”, “you are so that” – is just prep starter work before, she starts on the main course and obviously you won’t be there when it’s time to serve the desert. WHY? Because she would be sharing that chocolate cake on your sheets, in your bed, WITH your man, in your crib!
  4. Make a note to yourself and start now (I mean right now) to weed out the leeches that you may have in your life already.

Now you betrayers, this one’s for you Gwen Macrae’s (Girlfriends Boyfriend). Play the link, you know you want to – COWS!




Summer Summer summer time!! *sings*  Summer draws closer well at least we hope it does… every fashionista notices a change in the colour schemes and trends..online spying helps me keep up to date with all the latest trends!

Leather has always been a daring addition to an outfit taking it from “Girl next Door” to edgy fashionista… Leather can be varied into different styles such as the pleated leather skirt to the faux leather leggings. Leather is not just your typical black colour but a blend of tanned leather and royal blue

This black Leather skirt is from H&M and is priced at £19.99

This leather skirt is priced at 14.99 and can be teamed with a sheer chiffon blouse possibly a bold colour

This blouse is from Rare London for £35.00 and can be tucked into the leather skirt preferably the first skater- girl type as it adds edgy flair to a girly next door blouse! Make sure you add minimal jewellery here such as bangles and statement earrings.

As we look forward to what may arrive in A/W 12 I am confident that leather will still be very much in trend, and will add that edgy touch to the high street.

Spikes in comparison to Leather have been used lately as an easy way to spice up a denim or leather jacket or has even been an addition to bags. The new craze is to have spike-like nails with the inspiration of some of the biggest celebrity names such as Rita Ora, Jessie J Rihanna and Beyonce.

This is Rihanna’s lovely hand and this trend is called the “Stiletto nail” the spikes resemble the heel of a Stiletto..

This is Jessie J’s steam punk inspired nails used in her video for her 2nd single “Nobody’s Perfect.” These beauties are a bit out there but what I love about these nails is that they are brilliantly crafted and bring to prominence Jessie’s wild personality!

The Minx nail is also a big hit on the beauty market this season with lovely bold, colour blocking colours to spice up any outfit!!!


The big trend of spike like nails has been consistent for most of the year and for those of us that don’t usually opt for the acrylic nails this is also achievable through a simple nail file on either side of your nails at a 45 degree angle… or pop to your local Superdrug and apply stick ons hehe!! This will defiantly glam up your day or night look!

Another trend upon the fashionable horizon is the new panoramic look that’s inspired by postcard pictures, has proved a hit on the runway and in stores as the look is achievable at such reasonable prices. These 50’s inspired prints give a nice summer outfit a boost and should be worn with pastels. The mixing of pastels and prints keeps up the trend but it’s advisable that minimal accessories are worn, as the print should be the prominent piece within the outfit.



With different styles such as the bodycon handle holding Motel dress that retails at an amazing price of £28

Another dress from Motel Rocks for £35 with Fuji print is a fantastic hit and can be teamed with a nude pair of heels!!!

For petit ladies the lovely Bandeau Asos Swimming costume that has a lovely way of showing off those gorgeous shoulders and adding to your Instagram or twit pic collections for a whopping £25…mmm tempting much??


Get stocked up this summer on your postcard prints; this trend is set to be a hit this summer with every fashionable character, wearing a print from a postcard on their beautiful garments! Who would have thought wearing a palm tree on your dress would be so fashionable?? Don’t forget ladies to try those stiletto-nails and minx spoil your selves this summer!! Get your heels and Havianas maybe your Hunters with that unpredictable British weather plus those all amazing leather skirts to remain on trend throughout this season!!



Create Your Me Time & Indulge