Could Rinsing Guys Be An Even Faster Moving Trend Than Twitter?

It seems there is a new craze where wealthy males out socialising and having a good time are pounced on by females with one desire which is to get cash and the most expensive gifts possible.  After a recent Channel 4 programme called “Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys”  it hits home the cunning procedures these females take to get what they want . They also swear by the rule that sex is strictly off limits.

The girls at the top of this lavish lifestyle are well groomed and model themselves on footballers’ wives, therefore they will have the latest from Jimmy Choo shoes to the latest Gucci hand bag. Make no mistake these girls are armed in the art of milking men like cash cows – some will hunt in packs of 3 or 4 in bars, clubs or high profile venues where footballers and other wealthy business men hang out. They approach their target starting with an innocent flirt and before you know it – bottles of the most expensive champagne are then ordered as though it was going out of fashion.

Picture taken from the channel 4 website (Sex Lies & rinsing guys programme)

If the men are hoping for sex and drop subtle hints,  the date or flirting time comes to a rapid end and the girls swiftly move on to their next victim as they see time as money.  Yes, time is money which could potentially be spent on these girls.  Arsenal player Emmanuel Fringpong recently fell victim to this growing trend below are the actual tweets from his account, but they have now been removed.

Never till I live will I link a girl that uses instergram or whateva u call it I’ve been let down tonight16th May 2012 23:32 via Twitter for BlackBerry®ReplyRetweetFavorite@Frimpong26AFC

Emmanuel Y Frimpong

She was picking her nose while man wAs tryna eat my Food Then on the way home her LV Suddenly Fell off her Fake Bag.16th May 2012 23:44 via Twitter for BlackBerry®ReplyRetweetFavorite


Emmanuel Y Frimpong

We eating now I see at least 5 of her frends Come In so am thinkin the just gna cum n say hi and they will go home nxt minute now they order16th May 2012 23:49 via Twitter for BlackBerry®ReplyRetweetFavorite


Emmanuel Y Frimpong

Dis gals Had free Dinner.Even took the tooth pick Home she hid it in her Bag den asked me for a lift to Tottenham.she wants me to get robbed17th May 2012 00:02 via Twitter for BlackBerry®ReplyRetweetFavorite

Following on Instagram is another platform of media which is growing increasingly popular as it allows people to instantly share pictures of themselves with large groups of the public and I’m sure you know how the story goes once the girls make contact with their target and start a conversation the rest is history. So guys let this be a lesson – things aren’t always what they seem. (Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind) alternatively someone else will do it for you.

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