Palace of Versailles Says Non To Kim K & Kanye

Non non non! Looks like money can’t buy you – your wedding location of choice. News just in on KIMYE; the Palace of Versailles have refused Kim Kardashian and Kanye West permission to marry in the national historic French monument as they are viewed as not being distinguished enough. Having set their hearts on marrying at the former abode of France’s pre-revolution kings and queens, this must have come as a disappointing blow for the couple who will now tie the knot officially in Florence. However in every cloud there is a silver lining as palace officials have agreed to the hot couple, family and friends being granted a tour of the Palace after closing hours.


Looking slightly downcast the couple spotted today in their workout gears, did not crack a smile for the paps who have been on their tails since they landed in the French capital Paris ahead of their 24th of May wedding. Cheer up KIMYE, the world and his mistress would be watching avidly on your big day and you are guaranteed front page insertions the day after.

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