Isabell Kristensen Goes From Dressing Princess Charlene Of Monaco To ‘The Darling Buds Of Jamaica’

Jamaica Holds First Ever ‘Haute-Couture’ Fashion Show In Its 400 Year History

Isabell Kristensen With Two Models

First she posed underwater for a shoot inspired by The Little Mermaid, then she did the costume design for film Shanghai Baby, now Danish-born, Monaco-London based Isabell Kristensen is putting Jamaica’s blossoming fashion industry on the world map.

Kristensen, famous for dressing Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet and her fragrance Dreams loved by Snoop Doggy Dog’s wife Shante Broadus, presented her ‘Jamaican Boa and Orchids’ inspired fashion collection worn by ‘Natural Beauties’ hand picked from the island for the catwalk called ‘Dawn to Dusk’ at Hanover Grange at the Tryall Estate and Sandal’s private island.

Young up-and-coming Jamaican fashion designers Christopher Childs and Natalie Christine also featured during Kristensen’s show. The event raised funds for the Jamaican Arts Council.

Organiser of the fashion event Theresa Roberts, Europe’s largest collector of Jamaican Art says: “The event evoked memories of the 50s and 60s when Jamaica was the glamour destination of choice for the European jet set and Hollywood A list.

Theresa Roberts (C), With Two Young Up & Coming Designers Natalie Christine (L) & Christopher Childs (R)

“The natural splendour of the island and infectious excitement of its people combined with the highest quality events such as this surely mean that the sophisticated elite will quickly rediscover the pleasures that “The Rock” has to offer”.

Jamaica is fast becoming a powerhouse in arts & culture. In New York, Jamaican artists sell for big money, which is now taking off in Europe following a recent House of Lords exhibition organised by Theresa Roberts.

Jamaica is no longer just about Bob Marley, Jamaica’s Winter Olympic Bobsleigh team from ‘Cool Runnings’ and Usain Bolt.

Proceedings to this event went to supporting students at The Edna Manley Art College. They are all making the world take Jamaican arts and culture seriously.

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