Duro Olowu Lures With Elizabeth de Lanux Influence For His RTW Collection

Inspired by Elizabeth de Lanux, for  his 10th year anniversary Duro Olowu gets our fashionable juices gushing and strongly nearly makes us defiant of the biblical commandment – Thou Shall Not Covet’ with this utterly divalicous collection for his A/W 2014 Ready To Wear Collection at London Fashion Week.

Showcased at the Savoy, the collection was an infusion of vintage art deco glam, vibrant gay Paris of the 20’s, sublime hues and textures so rich at first sight – you just want to caress. Now on the structures and cuts? Fair to say we’ve been bowled over, so must stop typing as we are utterly moorishly in-love!

 “Fabric is the one thing that we all have in common, it’s a universal language. You will find denim in Lagos and Tennessee.” – Duro Olowu.

View some of our fave pieces…totes adore!

By @LovingMedia

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