Naturelle Suits Her Even With Nipple Pasties – NICKI MINAJ

Gone was the multi-coloured beehive, troweled on make-up and in her place was a ray of utter gorgeous sunshine. Nicki Minaj is that you? 

Sharing some candid selfies on her Instagram account, the world got to see that Nicki does actually have a glorious mane of long hair under the many multi-coloured wigs that she always adorns. She stated on her Instagram account: No perm, No extensions”. And also behind the plastered on make-up is a girl that most men would be proud to show off to their momma’s.

Rarely seen au-naturel the petite 5ft 2in 31 year old rapper and former America Idol judge could be seen holding her hair up in a cute ponytail looking into a vanity mirror. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a more natural look for Minaj.

However, the little minx could not help but show off her gorgeous hourglass figure in a sexy fishnet. Jealous? Us? Much J. To cap off the risqué look, the diva spotted some nipple pasties to show off her curves in all its glory, and caused a lot of speculation with a message that she posted the day before, which stated. “Please, don’t be a bitch to me. Because then I’ll have to be a bitch back and I can do it better than you.”

Following the Instagram insight into her world, Nicki tweeted to her 17.3 million followers, saying: “Lol I have more pics to post but maybe I should wait’. Many of her followers followed the public message with positive comments, with one follower stating; “Very beautiful, you look amazing, very natural, always do this, no more coloured wigs”. And we say ditto to that. View the pictures below and see if you agree.

By @LovingMedia

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