Poor Old Becks Out Of Team GB!

After all the months of campaigning, hoping, praying along with the endless meetings after meetings and intense pressure,  Stuart Pearce has decided to omit Mr golden balls himself – a key player in bringing  the Olympics to home soil, from the team GB football squad.  Britain and the world’s most famous footballer will have no official playing part for team GB, although the British Olympic Association  (BOA) have swiftly moved to contact Beckham’s representatives about the possibility of Beckham being  involved in some capacity – with a games role. We will watch this space.

David Beckham in his Ambassador role for the Olympics

Stuart Pearce claims his decision to omit David Beckham from his Team GB Olympic squad was purely down to ‘footballing reasons’.

Team GB Manager Stuart Pearce standing his ground on his decision

No footballer should be included in any squad on their name alone but many would argue the point that David Beckham has given so much for English football and has led by example after learning harsh lessons from his well-documented red card in the 2nd stage knock out game of the 1998 World Cup against Argentina – during the early days of his international career.

Beckham’s infamous “Red Card” World Cup 1998

Whatever happens it seems Beckham has a majority of the sporting world behind him, even though the team GB manager does not believe in him. Never mind Becks you are still a well recognised a hero.

Player power has alot to do with this situation as the (#pickbecks) topic gained pace on twitter faster than a run away train soon after the news broke.

David will always be remembered as one of the greats who changed the game for English and foreign footballers, as he took his image to another level by branding the name “Beckham” . David you are legend and we salute you.

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