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Peplum & Scarf Prints!!

Divas – fashion trends change every single day..,, in fact every second. Some trends we may not all like to conform to, but many of us would love to achieve some catwalk-friendly pieces at a discounted price!

Peplum a funny name in itself, has been splashed all over the net as well as various magazine covers and shoots! Peplum suits a petite to curvy  frame – with the centre piece adding curves and gives a plain dress a structured look. Reminiscent of the futuristic trend that was around a while back! Whilst searching the net for divine peplum pieces, I discovered this on sale beauty from New Look for a remarkable £12 from a staggering £39 ! Bargain or what shopaholics..?!!

Gorgeous is the only word that springs to mind.. this nude ensemble combined with a bright red, brings to prominence the Peplum design and adds curves in all the right places. Undeniably a look which is here to stay on the high street, this piece can be worn alongside tanned or nude heels alongside a glitzy clutch to complete the look What I love about the Peplum dress or skirt is that you can make it a day and night look how fab is that dolls?

These beauties are from Office and are priced at £80 – I know a bit steep for some (remember recession), but there are different high street stores where you can purchase exact replicas.. ssshh don’t say I don’t help you!!

Another Peplum beauty I discovered a Rare dress on ASOS priced at a brilliant £49

What attracted to me this dress was the rich luminous canary yellow – don’t you just love? When I rotated the picture the dress had an open plunging back which enhanced the beauty of the dress from behind! A classic pair of black wedges will tone the outfit down in a sense!

This black classic studded wedge back taken from the “Kardashian Kollection” range is perfect for the outfit – giving that vava voom!

My celebrity Peplum spotting radar has been in full effect, and I have noted that most celebrities are now customising their Peplum looks to suit their individual styles.

Take a look at the lovely Beyonce recently on a trip to the U.K in this colour blocking  Victoria Beckham Peplum piece..


Here Bey wears minimal makeup, however sports a curly fro which effectively contributes to her makeup less face… She chose the natural look and I love it! Her orange knee length peplum dazzles with a higher waistline… She teams this with white heels which effectively pays homage to colour blocking. Well done Bey! In friendly compliment (me thinks) Lady Gaga recently sported the same outfit as Beyonce – uh oh do we see a diva squabble coming along hehe.. Let’s take a look at Gaga


Gaga puts her divaish flair to the outfit by wearing white statement accessories… Her gloves, sunglasses, pearl earrings and Christian Louboutin pumps bring to prominence the beautiful tangerine dress!! Both Divas look amazing in their colour blocking ensembles..!

Moving on from the Peplum trend, we have the emerging scarf print.. Scarf prints started on scarfs obviously – making their marks on handbags and as headwear to add flair to any outfit. This is a trend every Diva is guaranteed to enjoy and indulge in!

Take a look at Paloma Faith a few months ago stunning in vintage scarf print!

Paloma mixes the colours well in this outfit. Her divine red vintage bag alongside a Chanel-esque cardi and scarf uniquely tied onto her head.. Vintage chic Divas!!

The vintage scarf trend is imitated on the high street adding a classy touch to any outfit!

This Asos scarf print plunging neckline is priced at £35, a great look for the summer.. You can accompany this look with a camisole if you’re shy. For the daring divas you can wear this look with a decent pair of wedges.. Or a glitzy stiletto!

This Dorothy Perkins silk print dress is subtle with the black.. but the blue parts to the dress adds character and interest, also the v-neck and clingy material gives a sexy silhouette for a night out with the girls just for £24!

This saucy Topshop medallion, bodycon piece is sooo gorgeous..ahh I so wish Topshop could ship to Nigeria with next day delivery *sighs*.. This beauty can be accompanied with a pair of pumps or sandals for a festival girly look or a pair of show stopping heels! Head to now lovelies!


Summer Summer Summer time!! *sings*  summer draws closer well at least we hope it does (it’s been a bit hit and miss lately). Anyway, every fashionista notices a change in the colour schemes and the latest trends.. I have had to traipse through sooo many online shopping sites to keep myself in the ever-changing fashion loop!

Leather has always been a daring addition to an outfit – taking it from “girl next door” to “edgy fashionista”. Hot leather styles such as the pleated leather skirt to the faux leather leggings – would make you look hot to trot if you chose the right outfit. Thinking outside of the box, you must remember that leather comes in more than the one colour (black), you can go for anything from tan, royal blue and a popping vampish red. My personal fave is  black though, just check out below…

This black Leather skirt is from H&M and is priced at £19.99

This leather skirt is priced at 14.99 and can be teamed with a sheer chiffon blouse possibly a nude colour.

This blouse is from Rare London for £35.00 and can be worn tucked into the leather skirt, think skater girl does girl next door. Add some jewellery such as bangles and statement earrings, and viola – you are ready to rock!

As we look forward to what may arrive in A/W 12 I am confident that leather will still be very much in trend, and will add that edgy touch to your wardrobe.

Moving on, spikes in comparison to leather has been used lately as an accessory to jazz up denim, leather or even as an addition to bags. The new craze is to have spike-like nails with the inspiration of some of the biggest celebrity names such as Rita Ora, Jessie J, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Check out Rihanna spotting the trendy “Stiletto nail” the spikes resemble the heel of a Stiletto..

This is Jessie J’s steam punk inspired nails as seen in her video for her 2nd single “Nobody’s Perfect.” These beauties are a bit out there but what I love about these nails is that they are brilliantly crafted and bring to prominence Jessie’s wacky and creative personality!

The Minx nail is also a big hit on the beauty circuit this season – with lovely bold, colour blocking colours to spice up any outfit!!!

The big trend of spiky like nails has been everywhere you turn for most of the year, and for those of us that don’t usually opt for the acrylic nails this is also achievable through a simple nail file on either side of your nails at a 45 degree angle… or pop to your local Superdrug and hey presto  – you are spiked!! This will definitely glam up your day or night look!

Another trend upon the fashionable horizon is the new panoramic look that’s inspired by postcard pictures, it has proved a hit on the runways and in stores have tapped into this money spinner. These 50’s inspired prints give a nice summer outfit a boost and should be worn with pastels. The mixing of pastels and prints keeps up the trend, but it’s advisable that minimal accessories are worn, as the print should be the focal point.

With different styles such as the bodycon handle holding Motel dress that retails at an amazing price of £28, can we say no?

Another dress from Motel Rocks  is the Fuji print retailing at £35 is a sure-fire hit. Teamed with a pair of nude heels, you can’t go wrong!!

For petite divas the lovely Bandeau Asos Swimming dress shows off delicate and toned  shoulders to perfection. At a reasonably priced £25, do you feel tempted?…Mmm much!

Get stocked up this summer on your postcard prints – every fashionista worth her salt in retail therapy, will be sporting one. Remember wear the garment and not the garment wear you. Don’t forget divas – check out stiletto-nails and minx spoil yourselves this summer!! Also rock out your heels, havianas maybe your hunters and be prepared for the unpredictable British weather. Now I am off to go checkout some amazing leather skirts that I’ve just caught sight of on sale…Will keep you posted.


Hello my lovelies hope you are all having a fantastic day?? I was curiously sitting in a taxi the other day and noticed a woman with a various amount of tattoos that looked really cool however really tacky.. I could not take a pic guys or hell would have broken loose -literally!

So I started to wonder what is the obsession with tattoos? What do they do for us? I mean I have 2 and they signify so much for me.. in relation to this I am an avid Rihanna fan and noticed she got her 17th Tattoo this weekend.. most people say it resembles a gun but in fact its actually a Falcon *sigh* critics and their negativity RiRi is such a rebel! I love it!!


So are we influenced by the media to get these tattoos – I mean many celebrities have tattoos it’s almost a symbol to show how cool you are.. Possibly part of an artist’s marketing and branding.. Take for instance Chris Brown, he popped onto the scene a 16 year old innocent, this present time Chris has numerous tattoos covering his slim frame..

I may sort of say its slightly attractive but what is the essence of them? Then we have Lil Wayne who has always given off this bad boy image literally dripping in tattoos – it is hard to decipher what he looks under all the tattoos!  Like I mean it’s crazy or as Khloe Kardashian will say cray..

Speaking of the Kardashians’ whom by the way I looove – I noticed that tattoos and piercings wasn’t very popular in the family… only Khloe has a small tattoo on her wrist.. I was shocked.. well not remotely shocked as her tattoo is for her hubby Lamar hehe, and she has another on her inner wrist stating “I love you.”

This leads me to the answer that celebrities are manufactured in a certain way.. if their image is everything like that of the Kardashians’ tattoos are not a priority.. All in all tattoos are dependent on the person.. Some people love em some people hate em what’s your take on body art.. yay or nay..?

Battle of the Blondes!! Rihanna vs Rita Ora

Flicking through the music channels these days and everything seems generic, not only the music but the style. Most female artists have adopted the eccentric stylistic qualities from Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Artists whom have recently emerged from the woodworks Nicki Minaj, Jessie J are the few artists who dare to do; in saying this they bear very slight similarities.

So who will be my victim? I think I want to pick on Rita Ora and compare her to my idol Rihanna. I’ll try my very best not to be biased *sigh* here goes.

Rita Ora appeared on our screens quite recently, with her music video R.I.P featuring London’s sensational Tinie Tempah. In this video I noticed that Rita’s styling looked uncannily like RiRi’s.

This clip was taken from the R.I.P video and Rita bears a striking resemblance to Rihanna with the deep red lipstick, over excessive jewellery and tinted eyebrows. This may come across as petty or observant, but I think Jay Z is trying to manufacture Rita in the same way as he did Rihanna, or do they use the same stylist? On the latter point – the budget was probably tight, so they shared the same stylist? Just saying J

During Rihanna’s Coachella experience, she was seen sporting a platinum blonde hairdo, excessive jewellery and rouge lipstick! Does this ring any bells? yes it does in my head, Rita Ora is trying to emulate Rihanna in her style which is a good thing, however Rihanna’s style is very unique therefore to avoid a clash; Rihanna went “back to black” after the release of R.I.P.




Rita Ora’s style I would describe as ghetto/ vintage chic. It has no direct direction even though it bares similarities to Rihanna’s. Rihanna’s style is forever changing and as Rita has only just popped up onto the music scene, I will sit on the fence before I start judging her!!

Rita is seen here wearing a denim ensemble teamed with Christian Louboutin leopard pumps statement red lipstick and dark shades. Again she emulates Rihanna to an extent; however, she has placed her own vintage stamp on it.  Here Rita combines her luscious rouge lips and nails with gold and silver jewellery, which evidentially brings to prominence her dark eyebrows and eyes. Perhaps she channelling Marilyn Monroe but has put a darker edgier stamp on it.

I had the opportunity of attending Rihanna’s “Loud” tour and got up close and personal hehe… The difference is clear in this picture as Rihanna comes across raunchier, and dares to bare all, something I doubt Rita will do so early into her career. Rihanna’s make up is not dark and edgy like that of Rita here, but more subtle, she wears denim high-waisted hot pants and a glitzy bikini top teamed with nude lippy, and dark eyes.

Five months later for the Battleship premier in Japan Rihanna is seen here rocking a dazzling ensemble which Ora I doubt could pull off. Her black hair brings to prominence the sky blue piece and places a hint of glamour onto the red carpet.

All in all these two artists may be signed to the same record label, however their styles and personalities have striking differences and similarities. To categorise Rita as a clone of Rihanna is slightly outrageous, as we don’t know what her style still has to offer. Now I think I may have confused rather than enlightened, do share your thoughts x.



Afternoon lovelies, how are you all?! Word on the street is Sabunta will be launching this week!! Sabunta is set to be Nigeria’s biggest fashion website woohoo!

Guys and dolls online shopping is becoming global and I can’t wait! Sabunta akin to an African ASOS  will be selling divine fashions pieces ranging, from designer pieces to shoes perfume and accessories nationwide!! Paying homage to many high street collections such as Lipsy and Bronx – tempting? very much! Guess what… DELIVERY is FREE within Nigeria…drool – this ingenuous concept in Nigeria was a God send!

I decided to take a sneaky look at the site and very quickly spiralled into shopping heaven literally!! Page after page of sensational discounted garments, pages dripping with stunning, shoes and many more!! Sabunta is the name don’t miss out on this amazing shopping opportunity, at your desk or in the comfort of your own home!!

Fashionistas keep your eyes, ears and fingers peeled Sabunta is coming pretty soon so don’t hesitate in spoiling yourself this season and purchasing some amazing goods! Happy shopping dolls the website will be launching very soon!

Louboutin Special – DIVA Talks Heels!!

Welcome my lovelies it’s a sunny day here in Lagos when is it never but I just had an epiphany about shoes…Louboutins to be precise! They are such a beautiful creation Christian Louboutin is indeed a very talented individual.

In celebration of the phenomenal fashion key statement, in London there is a Louboutin exhibition which started from May 1st and ends July 9th 2012. This event will showcase the luxurious shoes which have been captivating wardrobes for 20 years of varied shoe designs. Christian Louboutin apparently created the famous red bottom by painting the bottom of a stiletto with red nail varnish. I must admit I’ve tried this once myself with my Aldo pumps and failed miserably!!

In the last 2 years Louboutins are becoming a fast tracked trend with each fashionable woman buying into it. The beautifully crafted shoe celebrated 20 years last year, Louboutin apparently created these luxurious beauties by painting the bottom of a stiletto with red nail varnish! Shocker I must admit I tried this technique with my Aldo pumps and failed miserably.. Let’s take a look at that magnificent red sole.

This classic Louboutin pump is absolutely to die for..its 5 inch heel and luscious red sole can be teamed with work wear and glamorised, for a night on the town with the girlies.

The “Louboutin plague” is a trend we can thank the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian whom all effortlessly team these beauties with their outstanding outfits.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore an beautiful red dress (Alexander McQueen) and teamed it with a mustard paw like shoe with a bejazzled back and of course the red bottom heel!! This shoe is for those daring to do.

Rihanna has enjoyed her fair share of Louboutins by wearing it to various awards, night’s outs and photo shoots!

Rihanna poses here in a playful manner the term “girl next door” springs to mind even though Rihanna is the obvious opposite to this perception. The Louboutins are a dusty colour which compliments the outfit and the red sole even though, hidden in this picture from the side view is obvious.

Recently for the Grammys pre- lunch my idol wore her own customised Louboutin how adorable does she look?? Rihanna has chosen a very sophisticated look and teamed it with the classic pump with Rihanna being a certified fashionista many women want to own a pair like myself..! *sighhh*

Kim Kardashian has an undeniably large collection of these beautiful shoes! She tweeted this envious picture recently which sent Tweeters into frenzy around the world!

This envious picture of her colourful Loubs makes my eyes and mouth water..hehe I’m sooo jealous! In all my jealousy I will continue to praise Kim for her dazzling shoe collection.. Look at those fabulous red bottoms stocked up neatly in her wardrobe! #Dribblealert shoes are my addiction and by the looks of things I’m not alone in that!!

Below is a personal favourite picture of Kim on the Grammys red carpet last year, funnily enough it’s not as outlandish as some of her shoes but I just love it for its simplicity.

These glamorous pair of Loubs compliment the outfit Kim embraces the silver trend perfectly by blending this different shade of silver with the gown. The futuristic look was nailed perfectly here by Kim! Kimmie we salute you and your Louboutin collection.

We may not be able to afford these beautiful creations, however high street stores such as Topshop and Zara, have shoes designed to distinctly resemble the luxurious shoes however for a reasonable price.

Take a look at these Topshop beauties compared to those highly desirable Loubs…

The only difference visible here is the luxurious red sole but everything else from cut and shape is completely the same.

So dolls do not fear the Louboutin plague is available in high street stores get shopping!!

Billboard Awards VS Cannes Film Festival

Bloggers it’s been a while a very long tedious while!! We have changed location it’s no longer the cold weather in London but the humid air in Nigeria!! Fun times hehe.. so let’s get down to business!! Who wore what and wore it better! We’ll start with my personal fav Katy Perry..

Katie Perry

Katy wore a fabulous pastel Blumarie gown which differs from her usually short gowns. Katy Perry oozed sophistication and style on Sunday night. What really thrills me about the dress is the open back, this still stamps Katy’s flare on it with a bit of skin showing and the colour is absolutely mesmerising…ahhh I heart thee Katy from the Purple gothic like lipstick to her gorgeous waves!! AMAZING!!

Moving on swiftly before I get carried away lets head to Cannes where the British sweetheart Cheryl Cole graced the red carpet.

Cheryl Cole

This dress similarly has the same flare as Katy’s! The box-like shoulders and the tiered look make it flawless. This Stephanie Rolland creation goes above and beyond for Cheryl she wears this piece elegantly the feathers remind of prom lol. Stephanie maximised the feathers at the bottom which gives the gown a chic outlook. Cheryl teams this stunner with red nail varnish and clutch which brings to prominence the beauty of the dress, with the white standing out!!

Red seems the colour of the moment trend setters be aware…very aware! We go on to the talented Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

Taylor looked gorgeous in this Elie Saab chiffon creation with a lacy bodice!! This by far is the right dress for Taylor as it stylistically blends with her athletic body but transforms her to a somehow curvy beauty. Red suits her lovely fair complexion the cat smoky eye draws the vampire-esque illusion, and the subtle makeup adds flair…For a young talented 22 year old Taylor definitely dressed to impress!!

Now on to the wow & shock factors of the week!

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Moving onto Jada Pinkett Smith the petite beauty shocked us all whilst promoting her new movie.. Shocked very much!!! Jada wore Atelier Versace from the Spring collection 2012! This piece is very overbearing for the petit celebrity and quite “loud.” Having said this I admire Jada’s’ confidence for this daring outfit. This gown is embellished with gold and the metal crescent accentuates the bodice. The piece reminds me of a carnival costume for Cannes Film festival it’s a big No No!!

Ke$ha the controversial young star wore this Jad Ghanour piece to the Billboards,


The dress for me has too much going on I don’t know where to look!! The dress is combined with a body con type of dress with cut-offs in the midriff area however Ke$ha’s belly looks a tad round hehe not being one to judge. The drape at the bottom of the dress makes it look tacky and lacks some class! Ke$ha tries to improve this fashion disaster by teaming it with Giuseppie Zanotti shoes which are beautiful however hidden by the drapes at the bottom! This dress fails to dazzle me unfortunately.

Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry stole the show this weekend with their show stopping outfits guaranteed to catch the eyes of many bloggers!!