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Real Life Stories
By: Wesley Sinclair
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Ladies, we think it's time to go back to basics and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Let’s break it down: some ladies have natural beauty and some may need the miracle pots and tubes of wonders on their vanity tables to give them that slight confidence boost with their look. That is fine, however, there are some who may need a whole lot more than a little makeup to look average (just a male perspective here).

This is my bone of contention. There are women that are trying to look more like Michael Jackson (MJ) than the man himself—this is scary for the general public. Maybe it is time that the Health Service initiates a counseling session for ladies who take it that step too far. In my opinion, cosmetic enhancements should be just that “enhancement”, respected like an old acquaintance and embraced with a bit of TLC. Why not love it and make it a friend? Instead, some  women trowel it on as though they were auditioning for Friday the 13th, and then they have the cheek to go out looking at folks on the street as if they are the ones with the problem.

Some of these MJ women with young babies wonder why their kids are constantly crying. Could it be a nappy change? NO. Teething problems? NO. Wanting their next bottle feed? NO. It is because you scare them into thinking they are watching something from the adventures of Scooby Doo, or the evil Chucky.

For some women, the clown-like appearance is not enough—nah it doesn’t do the trick. They go one step further and feel that the best way to enhance their appearance is to lighten their skin with chemicals—you know who you are: if the cap fits, then wear it (Bob Marley was insightful soul). Skin bleaching—this is a very dangerous ball game altogether. It thins the skin, making healing of sutures received from minor / major surgery almost impossible, causes skin cancer and, last but not least, leaves the user with unsightly skin discoloration(s). You must have seen some of the victims, surely? You know the unsightly burns around the eye area and cheekbones that makes them look like they’ve had 10 rounds in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson the night before? Or the toes, knees and elbow joints, fingers and knuckles that can’t decide which skin colour they are?

Make no mistake: this is not some new craze that has just taken off. It has been around almost as long as the moonwalk. But sadly, some women stock up on these powerful tubes of cream as if they were panic buying for a national security alert. Members of the general public should be the ones warned about the bleached up alien species that have invaded planet earth.

You know you got it bad when you desperately rush out to buy these products as regularly as buying your favourite brand of bread from the local superstore during your weekly shop. I really don’t know what the world is coming to, but this really isn’t helping children of tomorrow, in particular, impressionable young girls. When you are home and have a moment to yourself, please sing after me "I’m talking to the woman in the mirror I’m asking her to change her ways." Yes ladies you know the rest…

My motto: love yourself on the inside and it will eventually reflect on the outside.


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