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Real Life Stories
By: Adaobi Iwenofu
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As I curled up on my sofa penning my second Editor’s note, I got stuck even before I had put pen to paper as there was just too much to say. So much has happened, the team has grown, new friendships made, lessons learnt and growth has been key.

Saying a big heartfelt thanks to all our readers out there that bought a copy of our Premiere Issue is definitely the first item on our New Year’s to-do list. We really hope you enjoyed your copy and would like to know what you, friends and family thought of our publication (your thoughts are invaluable to us). Email us at

Our next instalment sure rolls a punch; we hope you think so too. We’ve rebranded and used your voice as our pulse of life during our rebirth. The blessings and opportunities created and given by our new friends and partners make this edition a true indulgent read, our new tagline Create ‘Me Time’ and Indulge really resonates.

On our cover is the gorgeous and talented to the fingertips diva, Kele le Roc. Shooting straight from the hips and being as sassy and divalicious as ever, she gave us an exclusive interview, talked future plans, being loved up and gave credence to her rock diva status (page 56). CEO and Founder of 5001FLAVORS (a Harlem, NY-based apparel company to the world ofentertainment: music, movies, TV, sports, etc) – Sharene Woods talks business roots, longevity, Usher (drool), Alicia Key (ethereal diva yummy mama), Jay-Z (secretly wishing we were Beyonce), Aerosmith (Steve Tyler’s snake-clad leather hips comes to mind), their dear old friendBiggie Smalls (now deceased), and others (page 48).

Mischievous Wezzer keeps asking for a punch on the mouth (joke) with his Baby Mama piece (page 78), our Aggy talks about relationship insecurities in Marking Your Territory (page 34) and Tee-Deoy shares her nightmarish dating experience in All that Glitters (page 76). Our new Divapreneur column by Altine Goings gives sound business advice and growth tips to established and budding divapreneurs (page 24). Gus, our fitness guru, helps us shed the post-Christmas lbs, specifically targeting our love handles by getting us to work on our core (page 20). Sounds like we can get it back divas, perfect as the days start to get longer and our winter layers come off !

Mildred Bell, founder of dermHA threw us (me in particular) a lifeline for our skin. She gives us a divaskin101 master class on achieving a clear and radiant complexion (page 19). She is an inspirational figure for women — a lady of great intellect, depth, wisdom, great love and many more (love you, Millie). We also managed to snare another inspirational diva, Sharene Woods, into the DivaScribe family. She will be giving us exclusive insights into the lives of other inspirational divas in her column, Shay’s World. We were very eager to delve into her exciting world, the result being her catch-up with the  hold-no-prisoners, divalicious firecracker Kita Williams in this issue (page 54). Can’t wait to know who she catches up with next.

On a sombre note is the current state of affairs in Haiti, a reflective look at the Miners rescue and demise in late 2010, and our Biology of a Dad feature — the latter is definitely an opinion divider. Many more in this issue, but I wouldn’t want to spoil your mini treasure hunt as you flick through our pages. Get reading and really indulge yourself.

All my love and ENJOY your copy!

 Adaobi Iwenofu

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