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Real Life Stories
By: Adaobi Iwenofu
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Welcome to the inaugural issue of DivaScribe magazine.

It is with great honour and pleasure that I pen this first “Note from the Editor” piece. Wow! I am excited about this ride, but I am even more excited that you’re coming with me on this voyage to touch lives globally, as DivaScribe leaves a legacy that continues to exist beyond my lifetime.

I’d like to say THANK YOU for allowing DivaScribe into your life, your home, and your space. We hope to be part of your journey and evolution for a lifetime: serving your needs, keeping you abreast of lifestyle-related information, being your source of inspiration, echoing your thoughts, and addressing your “what ifs?” and “what nows?” along the way.

It’s important that I acknowledge YOU because DivaScribe exists because of you. Amongst other things, you are my motivation for ensuring that our inaugural issue and the issues to follow truly deliver our promises to you. YOU: the career woman, the wife, the singleton, the stay-at-home mother, the young adult, the aspiring diva. YOU who loves to have some “me time,” be socially and culturally aware, have information at your fingertips, share with your girlfriends and enjoy the healing properties of laughter. YOU, my fellow diva, who is proud to call her name—W-O-M-A-N—and understands that you are special just the way you are without any “super woman” accolades. I salute you, my friend!

So what makes you (our reader) a Diva? Is this magazine some feminist revolution? Will it be filled with “feel good” factors and nothing else? These are the questions that have come through our letterbox. I thought it appropriate to address them here…

You’re a Diva because you are a strong, intelligent, focused, and driven female who excels in her chosen path: career, relationship, and home life. You do not compromise when you know that the status quo is wrong. You are giving, nurturing, and most importantly, loving of others.

No, DivaScribe is not a feminist revolution, but the magazine primarily embraces, encourages, and supports womanhood. We are the vehicle that allows your voice to be heard, hence the “Scribe” after the “Diva.” To the men reading this: by reading DivaScribe, you’ve evidently shown that you take an interest in what brings joy to your wife, daughter, fiancé, girlfriend, and sister...and that makes you more lovable.

The magazine seeks to add that extra bit of sizzle to your alreadyfulfilled (or on the way to being fulfilled) life. Predominantly, our readers are women of colour from all over the world. However, DivaScribe is for women of all races and backgrounds. Regardless of colour, we deal with the same issues in life.

In our inaugural issue, we have profiled a few role models who are excelling in their challenging and cutthroat career paths. These are some of the individuals who show us that, YES, indeed: dreams can definitely come true if we work hard enough for them.

Also featured in this issue, is our poignant exclusive interview with Beverley De-Gale, founder of the African Caribbean Trust (ACLT). Theirs is a cause that is very close to our hearts at DivaScribe headquarters, and we hope that you too would champion and support what the ACLT is striving to do. Read their story on pages 42-47. The exclusive interview with American Soul Artist Carmichael is one of my favourites. He talked about his passion for music (see our website for his videos, “Every Morning”and “The Most Beautiful”, at

Not to be left out, Gary Peters waxes lyrical about his love for painting and the arts. Need I say more? A few divas who also proclaimed “YES, I Can!” granted us a sneak peek into their entrepreneurial world. Included in the list are interviews with seasoned couturier Audry Marie, on-therise fashion designer Jennifer Hibbert, and the oh-so-divaliciously singlenamed, maverick mogul herself, Habiba.

Our inaugural issue is bumper-packed; you honestly cannot ask for more or better. We’ve included real-life stories, tips to get you grooving in the areas of culinary, health and fitness, fashion, and beauty. For our travel destination feature, we’ve given you all the information needed for a memorable and fun-filled trip to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). There’s much more in this issue, but I won’t spoil the surprise. Enjoy the read!

If you want useful information at your fingertips... If you want to know who is doing what, how, why, and where they are doing it... If you need a bit of “me time” to indulge in some scintillating escapist read... Then look no further, we are here both hard copy and online:

As I sign off, I’d like to say… don’t keep us a secret! Tell your girlfriends, sisters,and colleagues about DivaScribe so they too can benefit from our community and share in the joy that comes from it.

And remember, your thoughts and opinions matter to us, so your comments and suggestions are welcomed and much appreciated. How can we make DivaScribe better for you? Your views are our pulse of life. I look forward to reading more letters from you.

Until next time, Diva — or Divo for our male fans!. Here’s to living life full!

Adaobi Iwenofu

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