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Real Life Stories
By: Adaobi Iwenofu
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Saying a heartfelt thanks to all our Readers (our pulse of life) is a befitting start to my note. THANK YOU guys! DivaScribe has gone one further, and we are now on newsstands in the UK, US, Canada, Belgium and France - Woohoo! It has indeed been a mad and exciting ride, though not made easy by the turbulent personal upheavals’ that I and some of the team members have gone through in the past few months. Our in-house mantra: we are D-ivinely I-nspirational & V-ivaciously A-stounding (D.I.V.A) wa

In this issue, we’ve got a bad case of diva and divo envy (but in a good way). All we wish for - is for a tinny winnie little bit of the success stardust that has blessed the careers of the divas’ and divos’ we interviewed. Abiola Abrams – practices self love and acceptance – she is one diva who has defined her life and its outcome, whilst simultaneously inspiring many world over. This Guyanese American born sister has been making positive shockwaves all over the media through various mediums. We are happy to champion all maverick enterprises that she embarks on. Check out her interview with DivaScribe on page …. Soultress Sky Montique’s self deprecating sense of humour came across brilliantly when our columnist Angela Douglas caught up with her page …. The Sky is turning blue once again as she gets ready to release her new material. Charlene White talks about her long road to success on Prime Time TV (racism did not hold her back one iota). Rhoda Wilson – inspirational talk show host, has been purported to be West Africa’s answer to Oprah page …, and we’ve learnt that an American network is about to sign her up. Not bad going for a diva who had to do it all by herself at the start of her career. Young and gifted Mz Bratt talks about starring in UK gangster flick “Anuvahood” and how she used to make music with Tinie Tempah (YES Tinie – you go girl!) page …..  Her debut album will be out late 2011/ early 2012, but first check out her latest single ‘Get Dark’ on  Anuvahood is now in cinemas and is one hilarious flick – London town is a breeding ground for raw talent, the multi-faceted and talented Adam Deacon, wrote, starred in and produced the movie….watch this space Hollywood.
Bringing us back down to planet earth is Zainab Salbi, a renowned human rights activist and founder of Women for Women International. Our prolific writer and serial blogger Belinda Otas met up with her and asked those questions that we all wanted answers to, she talks to DivaScribe about being the voice of the traumatized dumb- very harrowing tales indeed page…. There is a whole lot of treasure hunting in this issue, I personally would not want to spoil it for you, but can’t help by claiming our bragging rights for the treat that we have in-store for you. Very exciting times - Faith Evans gave us an honest and down to earth insight into her life as a mother and successful music artist page ….There is definitely something about Faith that we can’t get enough of. More pictures of Faith and DivaScribe are now up at
Moving on, Mr Chocolata – a whole lot of burning smoothness, suave and morerishness - Donell Jones also spoke to DS page …. Time to get the primping and pampering kit out divas, because this brother likes a diva that grooms to a T. But sadly as we chatted along - we found out that some lucky diva has got him right where she wants him J Give us a call Donell if it doesn’t work out (ok time to stop being so mean spirited). Soul brother Nathan Wilson comes along as a fierce competitor page …. This smooth caramel divo has good looks by the ship load and makes us swoon at the knees with his unaffected, giving and genteel manner page… Nathan – would you care for another cup of tea? DS team needs to have a fair raffle draw this time, to see who nabs the next catch-up with him
Ok…enough salivating divas. We also have our regular features on: fashion, beauty, fitness, health and many more. Definitely not one to be left off this list is Kenya - profiled as our travel hotspot destination pages…. With the British Royal wedding fast approaching in three weeks time - April 29th , Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged in this East African continent, and DivaScribe wanted to know what lured our Prince to this destination as an ideal spot to propose. William has proved that Africa rocks and there is more to be discovered in this great nation.
Before I sign off, I would like to spare a few minutes and acknowledge the citizens and families of the victims of the New Zealand and Japanese disasters page… They have experienced unimaginable tragedy in the past couple of months, and it would be an understatement to say that what they are going through right now is harrowing. It surely helps to put things into perspective when you are feeling hard done by and down with life. At the time our copy was finalized – the enormity of the nuclear power blasts that followed the tsunami were unpredictable. Who knows what the long term effects of the radiation exposure are going to be? Please do your bit and support both countries in their re-build efforts (we are), Haiti is also still on my minds and in our hearts. Our prayers and love goes out to these nations, families and friends that have been affected by these devastating events.
I will sign off now – much love and appreciation Adaobi.
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