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Real Life Stories
By: Kenneth Nwachukwu
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Are you an empathetic / weak or an aggressive leader? Do you voice your opinions and stand by them, or hide in the background and let your subordinates take the lead? Does your team admire and carry out your suggestions, or do they ridicule them?

1. Are you able to maintain high levels of energy and juggle multiple tasks on a fairly regular basis?

  1. most of the time
  2. only occasionally

2. In meetings do you prefer to do a lot of the talking rather than soliciting input occasionally, and welcome suggestions?

  1. Yes
  2. No

3. You prefer

  1. interacting in a group or one-on-one or no preference
  2. strictly one-on-one

4. Colleagues, friends and family say you are...

  1. easy to get along with
  2. a hard read and unapproachable

5. On the subject of friends, you have...

  1. many of them
  2. not many, but a lot of acquaintances

6. Confronted with a difficult situation or task, you approach it...

  1. straight away and full on, with methodical steps
  2. ingeniously by thinking outside of the box

7. Which of these two statements reflects your work ethics best?

  1. I motivate and push myself on
  2. others present ideas, and have to push or motivate me

8. You function and think more about...

  1. the present situation
  2. events that may happen in the future

9. Your preferred approach in completing tasks is by

  1. taking ownership and completing them by yourself
  2. delegating it to outside help

10. For others to convince you to do something, they can only succeed by...

  1. appealing to the rational side of your personality
  2. using an emotional approach

11. If someone is sidelined for a promotion on your team, and you need to communicate this to the individual, you are...

  1. straight to the point, honest and truthful
  2. diplomatic, tactful and sparing your words not to hurt their feelings

12. For those who know you, you are best known for...

  1. not taking things personally, when it comes to business
  2. taking things too personally occasionally.

Scoring your quiz

Retrace your steps and check against the answers that you've circled most frequently.

Mostly a: You are a practical, no nonsense person. You trust your own abilities, facts and figures, and prior experiences aid you. You have common sense and relish being in charge of your career, emotions, and life in general. Occasionally, however, you stand at the risk of being perceived as being a control freak. As a leader, you will need to find a balance between being authoritative and delegating authority to those who need it.

Mostly b: You live your personal life with integrity, vision, and creativity. You are a very good listener and happy to mentor your team with patience, calm and understanding. Be careful that you do not allow emotive situations to get in the way.

A mix of both (a) and (b): You operate your business and life with optimism and energy. You chose the best approach in problem solving, by doing it yourself or enlisting outside assistance. Either way, you will strive to get it resolved. If you find yourself getting too overbearing or going to the other extreme of being overly sensitive to your clients needs, you may want to step back and look at the bigger picture, while finding a balance within the situation.

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