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By: Adaobi Iwenofu
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Here’s Why Beyonce & Jay Z Did NOT Go To Florence

 #ElevatorGate (MySis_FuChops) aka Solange vs. Jay Z has been and gone, Kimye’s wedding has been and gone, and Jay Z and BEYONCE ‘no show’ has happened, what’s next?

We have Rachel Roy (a BFF of Kim's), the woman behind the reason why Jay and Bey did not attend Kanye and Kim’s wedding.  If the shoes were on the other feet (you were BEYONCE) would you have gone knowing fully well that an uncomfortable social situation which may possibly attract the wrong type of energy for your relationship and business is likely to be created could come about, you probably won’t go.

This might lead one to think and ask; if the CCTV TV footage was not leaked, would BEYONCE still have gone?  For some reason (a subjective view here), maybe not. She comes across as having a deeper understanding of her ‘life’, her ‘being’ and what is in store next…….that’s why her rise and success in the industry has been without a falter and her missing a step.

Let’s go back to the scene in that elevator. Much was said about BEYONCE’s inaction, but that was actually her strength. She was in control and intervened at the right time (when she briefly stepped-in between the warring Solange and her husband). Had she joined in the lynching (verbally or physically), more damage would have been done. Remember there were paparazzi and photogs waiting outside to take pictures? And boy did she pull that one (photos) off with aplomb! Solange emerging looking stony faced and irate, Jay Z looking slightly frazzled and BEYONCE the one in full brand diva mode #unflustered.

How do you think BEYONCE would have dealt with the matter privately? It is well known that she holds great store and admiration for Jay, and would have dealt with the situation in a less fiery manner as Solange, but her effect would have had more of a tremor in the Knowles/Carter household. However, the tremor was overtaken by the media furore that emerged after the video (MySis-FuChops) was leaked and all hands had to go on deck for #DamageControl.

“Character Is How You Live Life When Nobody Is Looking” ~ unknown.

Sending Kimye a message of goodwill and congratulations via Instagram with a picture taken from the couples shoot from Vogue magazine, BEYONCE wrote, "Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family."

Now that’s a lesson on acting with self-respect, self-preservation, grace and dignity #PR_Coup. The Carters enjoyed a leisurely break in the Hamptons and here’s a toast to the newlyweds Kim and Kanye and to BEYONCE’s tremors and answers. Has the Rachel Roy saga died off? Well, we can only but let time tell…….

IMAGE ABOVE: shows Rachel Roy at Kim’s bachelorette party in Florence Italy, seating front row, second from left in a white shirt. Picture Credit: Instagram

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