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Real Life Stories
By: Adaobi Iwenofu
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We didnít see this one coming! Solange Knowles attacks her brother-in-law Jay Z!



Beyonce’s baby sister was apparently caught on CCTV camera installed in a lift furiously bursting some kung-fu chops and screaming at Jay Z whilst Beyonce stood in a corner of the lift too helpless to intervene.

According to TMZ who obtained footage of the attack, a bodyguard had tried to hold the 27 year old diva back, but even he could not contain her wrath. Jay Z though managed to grab hold of her foot as she lashed out in an attempt to stop her [note not attack back], but Solange wasn’t having any of it. What could possibly have incensed her that she would so publicly attack Jay Z?

The A-List family were on their way out of an after party which followed the Metropolitan Museum of Art fashion fest last Monday when the incident took place. Attempts by the bodyguard to stop the lift at the 12th floor before the famous family hit the scrum of photographers proved ineffective. Solange could clearly be seen looking like she could go another round when she emerged from the lift. Ever the pro, queen Bey managed to muster a smile for the waiting paps when she too emerged, and most interestingly she left in a car with her little sis, possibly to give her a stern talking to in private.


What we would have given to be a fly in that lift!





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