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By: Juanita Rosenior
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Read all about the - First World Afro Day Ďkick startsí with World Record attempt


A fundraiser has launched to raise money for the first World Afro Day on the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The World Afro Day team are attempting to raise over £79,000 to not only launch this annual event and set a Record-Setter World Record for the “Largest Hair Education Lesson”.

Founded by World Afro Day Director, Michelle De Leon, the team has just six weeks to raise money to educate over 500 children about the beauty of natural hair as part of their world record attempt.

“My vision started a few years ago when I heard my daughter singing about how much she loved her hair, “says Michelle. “In my heart, I just knew I wanted every black and mixed-race child in the world to feel that good about their hair!

“Young people's mental well-being is a top priority” continues Michelle “And it's in all our interest to promote self-love and make young people, no matter what their hair type: curly, straight, wavy or coily, feel great about themselves.”

Natural hair advocates, educational experts and internationally-acclaimed hair stylist Vernon Francois (founder of the VERNON FRANÇOIS® styling collection) will be there on the day to discuss the challenges black women face around their natural hair and how we can tackle them.

Leading figures in the world of natural hair, education and government are already lending their support to the initiative including legendary natural hair stylist Charlotte Mensah as well as Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber.

Alongside educating hundreds of young people, World Afro Day will host a series of talks to be held at Church House in Westminster.

The funds from the crowdfunding platform will be used to establish World Afro Day as well as first UK “Unprofessional Hair Study" investigating hair bias against black women in the workplace and the development of an online portal to educate teachers, students and those on their own personal natural hair journeys.

Contributors can bid for a host of goodies including limited edition World Afro Day t-shirts and hoodies, VIP tickets to the World Afro Day event, training on how to produce an award-winning web series, vocal training with MOBO Award winner, Lurine Cato and the chance to become a World Afro Hair Day cover girl.

You can make your World Afro Day pledge at and visit the official World Afro Day website at



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