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Real Life Stories
By: Angela Douglas
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Born and raised in eclectic Shepherds Bush, London, the daughter of a Jamaican father and Irish mother grew up listening to a heady mix of music from Etta James to Tracy Chapman. Debuting at the age of 5, Montique became addicted to talent shows and musical theatre, and by 14, under the management of renowned producer Moezart and brothers Stephen and singer Andrew Roachford, Sky got a sneak preview of life signed to a label. Now 24, the petite powerhouse’s beautifully crafted harmonies prop

She has had a No. 1 hit - She has performed live on BBC Radio 1 - She is singer-songwriter nu-jazz soulstress Sky Montique.Divas - the sky is blue once again - Montique is back! and the sky has turned blue again.
Do you remember your debut?
No, but I remember going to LWT’s “Fun House” with Pat Sharp in the 80’s.   They had a Christmas party and I went and sang. Well, I think I sang, I have photos of me with a mic in my hand (laughs). 
Tell me more about your No.1 hit collaboration with chart topping veteran reggae artist CJ Lewis? 
It was mad because we recorded “Ki-Se-Ki” on a Wednesday, by Friday it was pressed and by Monday it was No.1 on Japans International Artists Chart (laughs). I was like, what the heck is going on! It generated over 68,000 plays on YouTube. It was a whirlwind.
I was a sales girl at the time, and I got the news whilst on my lunch break. I was crying in the backroom but I hadn’t told anyone at work that I was a singer (DS takes a sharp intake of breath), so I had to go back to work and continue as normal saying, “Would you like to buy some private healthcare?” and everyone was like, “No, p*** off!”   It kept me grounded.  
How did you feel when DJ Ras Kwame invited you to perform on BBC Radio 1’s Live Sessions? 
Honoured, shocked, humbled, appreciative, excited, nervous and pretty much every feeling. I recorded “Billie,” “This World” and “Fatherless” with a huge band and every instrument I could every dream of.
It was funny; there were red marks on the microphone pop shield. I was told, “Oh Marilyn Manson was in here not too long ago and I believe it’s his lipstick.” I was so struck by the whole experience. A lot of the time I feel my spirit and body are in too different places, but that day both were definitely together. 
“Fatherless” tells of days waiting for Daddy to show up. Was this a personal experience?
Yes, it started that way, as my dad left when I was about 3 but continued to see me for several years. But, most of my friends were raised by their single mothers, so it switched to a social commentary. I read a study which said 3.5 million children in the UK are from broken homes. It’s a huge epidemic that is not really being addressed in the mainstream media. 
On the positive side my mother had two jobs, went to university and raised us (me and my brother) growing up seeing such a strong female role model was fantastic. Her strength made me stronger and allowed me to mark out what I would and wouldn’t tolerate. 
Which song from your collection is your favourite song and why?
She Don’t Listen,” because trying to figure out how to take it slow and not fall in love straight away is pretty hard (laughs). It’s a ridiculous task that we give ourselves. (And on DS demand she breaks into enchanting song.)
You have established a supportive fan base. When will they be able to buy your album?
Well, I have two albums worth of material, but I need to get it in tip-top condition first. But, be ready for my grand unveiling! 
 It’s your birthday this month, how will you be celebrating?
I will be going out and buying every copy of DivaScribe, and partying of cause!
Spread the word, Sky Montique is coming, and when she does - don’t forget DS told you so. 


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