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By: LuRae Iwenofu
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The UK's urban music scene has discovered a new musical goldmine in the form of this sassy, eloquent, talented, softly spoken musical diva Mz Bratt (aka Cleopatra - Cleo to friends). We catch-up and talk about her role in the movie Anuvahood which premiered March 18th 2011.

What do I call you – Mz Bratt or Cleopatra?
Just call me Cleo.
You star in the new film ANUVAHOOD. What is the film all about?
It is basically about a guy that wants to be a G but the movie kind of mocks the whole idea about him being one. It is very playful film; it’s fresh, urban and very relatable.
The movie is to be released on the 18th of March, what sort of reaction have you had from people who have seen the trailers
There has been loads of screenings and a lot people find it hilarious – everyone is really looking forward to it coming out – so am I!
How did you get the role?
I think they contacted me on twitter – I had to audition for it though. I actually came down for a different part, but they felt I would be more suited for the part that I played in the movie, which I am excited about.
What was the name of your character and did you get to improvise at all?
I played a girl called Shay. My schedule at the rime was crazy so I didn’t get the opportunity to learn my lines verbatim. The director gave me the option of improvising and that was wicked. It was a mad experience, but I totally appreciated it.
Did you relate to your character?
Well… she robs people, shops and stuff – which I don’t (laughs), but there are certain facets to her such as being feisty - which I was when I was much younger.
What sort of role model would you say your character Shay is to young girls – were there any positives there at all?
She stands up for herself.
What was it like working the likes of Eddie Kadi, Richard Blackwood. Jamie Winstone, Jazzie, Ashely Walters?
It was so so so much fun! For certain scenes I had tor improvise with Richard Blackwood.
Adam Deacon – who wrote the movie and also played the role of Kenneth (K-Wasteman) brought great comedic value to the movie – what was he like to work with on set?
He is actually a really funny guy, but obviously also a serious person as the success of the movie mattered a lot to him. I admire him greatly – his work ethic is ridiculously out there – perfect. He really inspired me.
Being a great talent yourself musically – what advice would you have given the character ‘K’ if this were real life – to up his swagger?
(Laughs)…just to be more original, be more himself and not something that he perceives that people want him to be or sound like (laughs again). His character was a bit desperate and maybe lovingly deluded – I think?
Would you say that was true of a lot of youths in the UK who are more into the ‘get rich or cry trying’ mentality?
Yeah – possibly (laughs).
Have you been bitten by the acting bug? Can we look forward more roles now?
I would love to get into more acting definitely.
What sort of roles would get your creative juices flowing?
Probably something farfetched and nothing close to who I really am. The type of role that would take me outside of my comfort zone.
The trailer had Tinie Tempah’s famous hit ‘Pass Out’. Were you ever approached to do the sound track for the movie?
I was actually, but we didn’t get anything submitted in time.
Any hilarious Diva/ Divo histronics on set that you would like to share with our readers?
(Giggles) I had to do a little scene with Adam (K – Wasteman) – the camera was facing me and all the guys were behind it – they were clowning around trying to put me off my stride. That was playful, not divo histrionics. Adam did get some order back eventually (laughs).
Do you think the movie will be a success?
Yes, definitely!
Moving onto the music, you toured the US and Europe with Shoreditch cool guys 'The Count and Sinden' how mad was that experience?
It was two years ago and I was still pretty young, so I wasn’t of age to go to the clubs and stuff. But yeah – the whole experience was amazing, especially the travelling.  
Your debut single Who Do You Think You Are?' was released through Universal Music label 'All Around the World' and you are label mates with N-Dubz. Would you love to collaborate with them?
Well, I was signed with Universal, but I am now with Atlanta Records, but yeah I would love to work with them
What other artist(s) / group(s) in the current UK market do you admire?
I really love Tinie Tempah, and totally admire what he has done. We used to be in a group together and seeing him progress that far is amazing. (DS interjects – you used to be in a group with Tinie?) Yeah I was – I am really proud of him and he has come such a long way.
What makes Mz Bratt different from any music artist in the music industry now?
I am authentic and I give a piece of myself in every song that I write. I give people an idea of what I am and what I am about.
Going back to touring, you were involved in a recent Roll Deep tour – how was that?
It was amazing, it was for a whole month and we travelled all over the country. It was tiring – but a great learning curve for me.
Any plans for a solo tour soon?
Not anytime soon as I will be supporting Bruno Mars on his UK tour starting 9th of March to the 20th - that will be wicked.
What have you been up to other than touring and filming?
I have just been working on my album, but to be honest – I have been doing a lot of touring.
And you new album when is it out?
That should be out end of the year or early next year.
Now - your lyrics and sound are very hip, cutting edge, spunky and full of attitude. Who is the real Cleopatra?
Like any human being, I think I’ve got so many different shades to me. So I like to think of myself as a painting with loads of different shades.
DivaScribe believes in me time, having that moment to wind down, what do you when you are away from all of the stresses of work?
I absolutely love going to the cinema (she sure sounds it)…It helps me chill out.
And the last movie you saw was?
Black Swan – that was good.
Ok before I move on to the quick fire questions, anything we need to listen out  or watch out for from you?
I have just dropped a new video called with a song called ‘Get Dark’ –it’s on youtube, kiss TV and The Box,
Quick Fire Questions:
Who did you bond more with on the set of Anuvahood?
Err..Richard Blackwood.
What was it like growing up with Seal (lived with her dad) as a young child?
I don’t really remember (laughs).
Do you still have contact?    
No I don’t.
Your dad is another musical great (Acid House group called Spiral Tribe) – what does he make of your sound?
He is incredibly proud.
Describe your fashion style?
What’s playing on your ipod right now?
A guy called Jay Cole – track called ‘Blow Up’
Out of the following four artist’; Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Ciara , who would you like to 1) write for, 2)collaborate with, 3) tour with, 4) hang out with).
I would love to write for Lady Gaga, hang out with Rhianna, tour with Ciara, and collaborate with Nicki Minaj.
What would you rate my interviewing technique out of 10? 10 been the best.
Laughing – she says 10. I press harder as I think she is just being nice and she settles on an 8 – YIPEE!!
Anuvahood is the Directorial debut of Adam Deacon…definitely a talent to watch out for. It stars some of UK budding urban actors and actresses (including our interviewee Mz Bratt). We definitely should keep an eye out …..
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