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Real Life Stories
By: Funmi Akisanya
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A Literary Maven and an Inspirational Icon

Eeefy Ify Ike is a global diva who fashioned her path from Nigeria, via Europe to Beverley Hills, with charm and conviction. This model, actor, fashion designer and motivational speaker has landed contracts with major labels such as Diesel, Nokia, Vodka, Gillette, and is poised to take her diva brand to greater heights. A literary maven and an inspirational icon, Eeefy penned her first motivational book; ‘Peering through the depths of life’ last year and is in the process of adding to her book odyssey with other titles such as ‘The journey of life’ and ‘Mirror of Life’.

With admirers from all classes and creed, Eeefy keeps in contact with her loyal fan base through frequent interviews, photo shoots, tweets and updates on her website and social media networks.

Alongside her entrepreneurial projects, Eeefy is a philanthropist with a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of burn victims. With first-hand knowledge of the physical and emotional impact suffered by victims of burns and scarring, Eeefy is dedicated to educating and creating awareness of the dangers of misinformation and ostracism within urban communities.

Which 3 words best describe Eeefy’s character?

 Spirit, Passion and Style are the 3 words that encapsulate me.


What motivates you right now?

The youth in Nigeria motivate me because they are our only hope for the future. In order to be of service to Nigeria, we must first heal the Nigerian youths who will subsequently nurture and cultivate our natural resources and human resources to develop our nation. My immediate goal now is to address the emotional issues that could help elevate their self-esteem that is the propellant to life and success.  And I'm doing so through my seminars, inspirational books and now on my new youth empowerment talk show coming on DSTV in 2013.


What kinds of books do your read?

I read the Bible and Christian inspirational books as they are nourishing to my soul.


Where did you acquire your great fashion wardrobe and personal style?

My style is innate! My enigmatic personality and figure dictates my sense of style while, living in the fashion Capitals of the world; Milan, Paris, Beverley Hills, I had the idea to create my own clothes and unique designs.  


Do you see yourself as a role model for young girls, and in which area of your life or many crafts, do you feel that you are able to portray the best of Eeefy?

Yes I do see myself as a role model for young girls. I am able to portray the best of Eeefy in my motivational speaking and inspirational writing.


How did you arrive at the realization that you wanted to become a motivational speaker?

Motivational Speaking is truly a driving force in my life. It started with people naturally gravitating towards me to share their problems. I soon realized that people were inspired by my positive disposition and strong projection. I in turn, became very eager to help them and more willing to share my own past excruciating struggles and the effective healing strategies which I had used. I hoped that by sharing my past, I could help them find their own path to healing, which is often the case. I then discovered that I actually felt fulfilled each time I helped somebody with their emotional issues, it was like food to my soul. I am able to heal myself through healing others. People started to say “This was your calling Eeefy, you are a voice”.


All this is an affirmation of my dreams. One day, an angel came to me in my dream and said, "You need to stop crying and reflect into your past and present life. Look where you came from and look where you are now… you’re healed… you're safe now, so instead of whining about the things that elude you, instead of dwelling on the things of the past, go out there and heal other broken children, I've given you the tools to do so. Your beauty, your strength, your boldness are the tools that are given to you to go out there". I woke up and realized I was afflicted so that through my pain others can heal. That my purpose is to go out there and be a voice for the broken children and use my voice for change and ever since, I've been trying my best to deliver the messages that would shed some light where there is darkness.


Do you have a mentor or role model?

I have a couple of mentors; my best friend Mark Bellinger and my younger brother and spiritual son, Soroke Ike.  My role models are my spiritual big sister, Barbara Lazaroff, and Oprah.


Why did you decide to develop a range of dolls?

 I just love the idea of young girls especially Africans, having a role model they can identify with. An image they can look up to, that will give them a sense of pride and something to aspire towards in their future.


Why do you sometimes choose to wear a head-wrap?

I love to adorn my exotic face with head wraps because it is regal and they also project the spirit of my culture, the foundation of my being, as an African woman. Furthermore, I like the contrast of combining African and Western clothes, such as leggings and bustiers.


What are the challenges faced by your foundation in regards to spreading information within an urban community, in regards to the effect of victimizing children?

I haven't faced very difficult challenges yet. Though I’ve indulged in countless arguments with people that are adamant with their destructive system of raising kids and insist their method of discipline is part of their culture but of course you can perceive the ignorance in that statement.  And then their superstitious beliefs only reveal the depth of darkness in their society, so it is really necessary to shed light and bring awareness to these people.  And it is imperative that we understand that child victimization is even more extensive than meets the eye. There are so many people whose destinies are stringing along with the life of that poor child that has been victimized.  Yes there’s interconnection with everybody’s destiny, so oppressing one child is oppressing many others unknown. And some of them may be heroes and great men and women.


Do you have children? If not is motherhoot a role that you one day wish to take on?

No I don't have my own biological children yet but I do have a couple of adopted kids that I care for, and, yes it’ll be a joy to have one someday.

You have fronted various brand campaigns, which one stood out the most for you?

The Gillette shaving cream campaign was my favorite because it's exotic and futuristic and then of course I developed a special bond with the director because he is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and who also impacted my life significantly.


What would you like people to know about you?

I’d like people to know that I’m a child of destiny, a positive expression of God’s image, and his masterpiece.  So I walk in high frequency, on a vantage point where there’s wholeness and liberty and my enigmatic personality serves my purpose in life!

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