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By: Darryl King
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7 ways to clear out your life in 2017


Christmas is over and 2017 has finally arrived (about time!). ‘Tis the season of self-improvement. You may have already started Dry January, Veganuary or one of the other numerous New Year challenges - but why not try streamlining your day-to-day? Here are seven ways to be the best you in 2017, so you can leave 2016 in the dust.


Say adios to laundry

Let’s face it, we all hate doing laundry. First, you have to wash the clothes, dry them AND iron them. If you ask us there are plenty of other things we could be doing with that time. If you’re one of the many haters of the weekly washing and ironing cycle (the UK’s second most hated chore, unsurprisingly), on-demand laundry services such as the popular ZipJet can get your unmentionables washed and ironed or dry cleaned in as little as six hours! That’s almost the equivalent of binge watching six episodes of Game Of Thrones or a relaxing afternoon… shopping for more clothes.


No more arguing over the bill (or any bills)

We’ve all been there, you’re out for dinner with a group of friends and you get a reasonably priced burger, whilst your friend on the left gets the t-bone steak, which is at least double the price of your paltry burger. Inevitably, when the bill arrives you somehow end up paying considerably more! Now with the help of Splitwise, you’ll no longer have to worry about getting into that awkward kerfuffle of who owes who. You can easily organise bills and keep track of who’s paid for what, be it the gas or restaurant bill.


Bin the old-fashioned to-do list

To-do lists are essential: they keep you organised and stop you from forgetting some of the most important things in life, such as buying your cat a mini birthday cake or reminding yourself to take back the well-intentioned pair of socks you received for Christmas. Apps like Todoist can take your to-do list to a whole new level. Input a range of information, from long-term objectives to random musings you’ve had throughout the day. This can all be beautifully organised by colour codes, searchable labels and sub-tasks. Now, can a notepad do that? NO.


A calm mind equals a calm life

One of the most-recommended ways to kick-off being the 2.0 version of yourself is to make sure you’re looking after the most important organ of the human body - the brain. Digipill is the medicine you’ve been looking for. Using psychoacoustics, it aims to “unlock your subconscious and change your perceptions”. There are a breadth of pills that can help you stop smoking, lull you into a great night’s sleep and also build up your confidence. It states that in as little as 10 minutes it can start working its magic on your noggin, no glass of water required.


Cook smarter

After a hard long day’s work the last most people want to do is slave away in the kitchen. If you’re like one in eight of 21 to 34-year old’s in the UK you may be putting away two takeaways a day! Apps similar to Yummly are here to fix that. Providing 100s of recipes customisable by dietary requirements, the app can enable you to continue enjoying the meals (and treats) you love. Can somebody find us a low-calorie brownie recipe?


Access everything, anywhere

Those smart chaps at Google do seem to know a thing or two about organisation. It would take a considerable amount of time to read about the plethora of Google products, so let's pull out the best one. Most tech-savvy businesses have seemed to adopt Google Drive for day to day operations, and you should too. With access to files at a drop of a hat, you’ll be able to access your own files on most devices at the click of a button. Let’s not forget the other useful apps on the G Suite - Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are even compatible with Microsoft Office.


Cardio + Zombies = Gamification

Has your New Year exercise routine become a little lacklustre? Cardio failing to put a spring in your step anymore? Well, why not try running to a gripping storyline? Gamification is everywhere, and with Pokemon Go! exploding in 2016, more people are taking to the streets. Switch up your fitness regime with Zombies, Run!, the fitness app that makes you humanity’s last hope. With over 200 missions and over one million players, you will be running away from zombies whilst earning supplies for your home base. Combining the joys gaming with the adrenaline rush of exercise kills two zombies with one stone.

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