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By: Vusi Edeki
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Hey ladies, are you ready for a hot body?

From one woman to another, the dawn of summer isn't always a welcomed friend. As floral trends and bright-coloured wardrobes become en vogue, wearing less layers means letting the world know that we have some areas that we'd really like to hide. Well, your cry for help is now being answered, and I am going to share my top four fitness tips with you and give you some fantastic exercises to get you started. Are you ready?

Set yourself a realistic goal
The key to developing a hot body goes beyond your weekly training regime, but starts with your attitude. You become what you think. If you already see yourself failing, then you will. So the first stage to success is to cleanse the mind. You need to rid yourself of all that negative thinking and set yourself a realistic training goal. So perhaps your goal is to drop a dress size or to lose 2 stones, the important thing is to be realistic about when you will be able to achieve that goal. Nobody puts on a stone overnight, so we shouldn't assume that we can lose the weight that quickly either -- and maintain it!

Ditch the fad diets
A healthy weight loss is usually between 1-2 lbs a week. As much as fad diets and "lose a stone in 7 days" gimmicks are on the cover of most women's magazines, they offer quick fixes with a high rate of failure, as many of those who try these diets (and maybe even succeed) tend to fall back into the unhealthy weight category not long after. It is best to seek the advice of a qualified dietician or weight management specialist. We have all heard the saying that our bodies are temples, yet we choose to fill ourselves with all sort of unhealthy goodies. We need to be food smart in our choices. Remember: garbage in = garbage out.

Get Active
Work without work isn't work. Results are not guaranteed without investment, so this stage is about getting a fitness programme that will put you on the course to achieving your goals. We all have different budgets, but there are a variety of ways in getting started: going for a walk, joining an exercise class, signing up for a gym induction or a personal training session. Have a look at current programmes that are locally available. Just remember, the Chief Medical Officer recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five times a week, to maintain good health. Sadly, only less than 25% of the population in the UK are doing this and the proof is in the pudding, as the cost of physical inactivity is £8bn!! So take on the Change 4 Life message and eat well, move more, and live longer.

Get Toning
It is important to dispel the myth that "lifting weights will make me look bulky". This is extremely unlikely, unless you are lifting 60 kgs every day! Resistance training is an important part of any training programme. The benefits include: increased calorie burn, improved looks, increased strength, and reduced risk of illness to name but a few.

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