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By: Gus Ayinbode
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If you want to greatly increase the condition of your spine and posture and tone-up those stubborn spots then these exercises will surely help you along the way.


targets: glutes, lower back, core, hamstring

  • Assume a neutral supine (lay on back) position and bend knee to 90 and feet on floor.
  • Keeping head and shoulders on the matt forward tilt your pelvic and gentle squeeze the glutes (buttocks) and lift the hip until they form a straight line from the hip to the knees.
  • Pause on top and then slowly lower until glutes are touching the floor.
  • Repeat movement for required repetition 2-3 x 15 reps.




targets: shoulders, chest, triceps, core

  • Assume a boxing position with hands shoulder width apart. Take knees behind the hip to a comfortable position.
  • Keeping a neutral spine bend elbow and lower head and shoulder and body towards the floor.
  • Form a 90 bend at elbow pause then slowly raise body upwards until arms straight again (do not lock elbow).
  • Repeat movement for required repetition 2-3 x 15 reps.


targets: thighs, hamstring, core, glutes

  • From a standing position head facing forward, hands across chest, knees soft, legs hip width apart.
  • Make sure on the way down your knees does not extend beyond your toes. This may cause discomfort or even pain.
  • Keep looking ahead (or slightly ahead) when performing the exercise with a straight and neutral back, keeping your heels sealed to the ground whilst not rounding your back.
  • Lower body until thighs are parallel to the ground, pause then return back up slowly.
  • Repeat movement for the required repetition 2-3 x 25 reps.

Warm up for 10-20mins before attempting the above exercises. The sets and reps above should be repeated 2-3 times weekly over a 4-week period. Contact Gus Ayinbode (personal trainer) on for full dietary and exercise advice

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