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By: Tanya White
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What do you get when you combine some of the finest talent with love and dedication towards beauteously produced jewellery pieces?

The answer is Stushlery – DivaScribe got the chance to talk to UK MC Stush about her handmade jewellery line, produced with authentic Swarovski to delight and inspire. Cockney and Yardie talking MC Stush hit the UK Grime scene back in 2002 with her distinctive trademark squeak which graced many hit tracks. She enlightens us on how her creative juices flow and why jewellery design and music is in the heart of what she does.


DivaScribe: When did you realise that you wanted to become a jewellery designer?

Julie: I’ve always looked at jewellery and wondered ‘How did they make that?’, and wanted to do it myself.   Also, being a performer I wanted to go on stage wearing unique pieces of jewellery that no one else could get, and that’s when I decided to start designing and making my own jewellery.


DivaScribe: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Julie: My work is inspired by the Stage [dance & musical theatre] and Travel. I like to make bold, show stopping jewellery that can be seen on stage even if you were sitting right at the back of a theatre.  I also like to incorporate bright, rich colours that I have seen used in traditional Asian attire and in African & Caribbean culture.


DivaScribe: Your design philosophy is?

Julie: My design philosophy is Big, Bright and Bold as well as Sleek, Sexy and Stush.


DivaScribe: Which celebrity fashion style do you most admire and would like to see wearing your jewellery?

Julie: Well I would like to think Stushlery is versatile enough to be worn by everyone from Alesha Dixon to Lady Gaga.  However, if I had to choose someone it would be Mary J Blige as she’s a ‘style  chameleon’ .

DivaScribe: Where did the name Stushlery come from?

Julie: One of my good friends Alexander Jackman, came up with the name Stushlery.  We were having a conversation over the phone, and he said ‘you’re Stush, and you make jewellery.  Just remove jewel and you have Stushlery’.  I agreed, and that’s how Stushlery came about.

DivaScribe: What can we expect from you this year and what trends do you see being big?

Julie: For 2012 you can expect Stushlery to be in your faces a lot more with brand new collections for men as well as women.  And musically you will be hearing some fresh new music coming from me - so listen out for that. I think the trends to look out for this year will be bright colourful chunky jewellery. Handmade pieces are going to be very big also, so make sure you give me a call.


DivaScribe: Part of what makes you unique is that you are a musician too – tell us a bit about that?

Julie: I’m a recording artist signed to Island Universal, and I’m known for tracks such as ‘Dollar Sign’ [UK garage anthem], ‘F UR X with Sway’, and ‘Get Down’ with Groove Armada.  After my top ten chart success with Groove Armada we embarked on a worldwide tour which altogether lasted for about 3 years.  In that time I got to do what I loved as well as see some beautiful places like New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, and experience different cultures.  These experiences have helped to inspire my work with jewellery.


DivaScribe: Such big transition - musician to designer?

Julie: I don’t really see music to jewellery as a big transition.  One - because I’m still an artist making music, and two- because they are both to do with creativity.  It’s just instead of writing a song, I’m making a piece of jewellery.


DivaScribe: What career path would you have taken  if you weren’t a designer?

Julie: If I wasn’t recording music and making jewellery I would probably be a science teacher (laughs).

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