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Real Life Stories
By: LuRae Iwenofu
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Gary Peters is an artist who thinks that the greatest treasure about the island nation of St.Vincent and the Grenadines is the beauty of its people, the simplicity of the way of life, and the warmth of its traditions.

This is the main source of inspiration for a series of paintings depicting the Vincentian component of the people of the Caribbean and their way of life:Peters believes that in order for us to be proud of ourselves we must embrace what is uniquely ours; we must continue to pay homage to our people and constantly appreciate the “everyday folks” who tirelessly work towards the enrichment of our identity, and the strengthening of our civilization.

The farmers, fishermen, market vendors, our women, children, and our religion are a few of the themes in the paintings created by Peters. “This is my contribution to the ennobling of our heritage,” he states.

Peters is a self-taught artist and has had no formal art training. He attributes his ability to pure love and commitment to painting and drawing. He has been painting for sometime now and has taken his work more seriously over the past 10 years. “I have identified the specific role my work needs to play in the social and cultural development of my island,” says Peters.

Gary Peters hopes to continue producing artwork that tells the message of island life and has ambitions of one day staging or participating in an international exhibition, sharing the untold stories of his country through his artwork.

If you wish to commission Gary Peters for work, please write, phone, or email the following:

Management Team (Gary L Peters)
Sion Hill
Sion Hill Post Office
St.Vincent and the Grenadines

(784) -593-2642
(784) -456-6445


To view more of his work, go to


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