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By: Xolani Annakie
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Summer is here! These basics will show you how to look radiant in the sun.

We are constantly told: water is your best friend - so ladies get your bottles out! However, in my opinion exfoliating is an even better friend as this process removes all the dead skin layers from your skin leaving you with a healthy and natural glow. Once you have achieved this healthy base, try applying products such as brightening serum which hydrates skin while providing a plumper and more evenly toned complexion.

In addition to this, you can apply a creamy concealer this gives a light weight and invisible coverage for all blemished areas. If your choice is then to apply foundation after, than light coverage of a liquid foundation will add an additional finish. Whether you have applied foundation or not, follow with a light application of powder around the forehead, nose and chin. Apply a coat of mascara and a natural or clear gloss and you would have completed your natural summer beauty.

Choosing a suitable foundation may not be easy. My suggestion is to go to your local department store to get your skin matched to the appropriate foundation. MAC studio fix is a brilliant compressed foundation powder. It can be used in two ways: firstly with a brush -- when applied, it covers your skin with an even light finish - brushes are also easier to use. Secondly with a foundation sponge this gives the skin a more deep matte-like or often oily finish. Please ensure you apply to all areas of the skin to prevent the appearance of a mask, note to blend around the chin area towards the blend, blend, blend! You wouldn’t want to look like your face doesn’t belong to your neck / the rest of your body.

Additions to this Natural day look - include pearlized bronzer to reflect the sun. Your skin will look radiant and healthy.

Night Diva

If you have already achieved healthy skin and are out for a night of cocktails and dinning with friends then you are probably feeling sexy, and there is no better time than this summer to experiment with colours. So apply your base, but in addition add translucent powder for that matte finish, then add your colour of choice to the eye area. Green is my colour of the moment, so here goes: before you add your choice of colour to your eye lid, apply a natural colour over the entire eye area from brow to lid (minimal is the key!). A lighter tone will highlight your chosen darker hue, which you can apply to the lids. It  will as well as preventing the colour from separating depending on your skin type and if the weather is warm outside. Use a pencil or liquid liner to line your eyes and then apply a coat of mascara to complete the look. For that extra vavavoom: if you want to exude extra sultriness, add a nice lip gloss that compliments the colours that you have used on your face. Remember: if the eye colours are strong, go for a softer colour for the lips. And if the lips are strong, then do the reverse for the eyes.

For women of colour, apply darker shades to complement the skin, lighter tones do look good but needs to be applied lightly and not around the whole area of the lid. It is best to accentuate natural colours by blending into the skin. Stay beautiful, ladies!

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