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Real Life Stories
By: Serena Julien
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So Black History Month is upon us, itís a month we can especially feel proud to be black women.

This is a month that as black women we really stand out from the rest. We can be seen on television channels, major publications and at events in many London boroughs, talking and informing England that we are black, proud and have a history that must not be forgotten.
Black History Month is a time we reflect and bask in the glory of all the amazing achievements black people as a whole have attained. So what have black women contributed? Black women have achieved amazing things from inventing hair care products & a straightening comb (Madame C. J. Walker - 1905), inventing the nursery chair (Marie V.Brittan Brown -1960), inventing the first digital toaster (Ruane Jeter -1987).
Outside of these incredible achievements by these black divas, we should look a little closer to home and ask ‘have I contributed to the empowerment of my community?’ What stories of courage, of progression, of achievement can I inform my daughter or even my daughters daughter that I have been a part of? Do I have to be the leader of a country or have a certain bank balance to say YES I have achieved something - I AM somebody! Or is it enough that I raise a family and make ends meet? That we face the days tasks head on and are able to survive in this world.
There are many inspirational examples of courage, progression and achievement in our black community every single day. So divas speak to whomever will listen, tell them your stories of juggling being single, married, divorced, raising children, living alone, working, or being unemployed, looking for Mr Right or making it work to keep Mr right. The list of who we are and what we do goes on and on and so will we. Black History Month is a month that celebrates our great achievements, however every day for us black women is an achievement and celebration.
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