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Real Life Stories
By: Sharene Wood
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Kita Williams celebrates the diva in everyone.

Add one dash of music industry publicity know-how to a straight-up corporate gig peppered with an absolute love of the word “diva” and you have Kita Williams. The dynamic co-creator and co-executive producer of VH1’s hit show The T.O. Show starring NFL’s football star Terrell Owens, she is a no-nonsense, tell-itlike-it-is Kentucky-born, MBA-having diva. Yes…diva. Anyone who knows her knows she loves the word. For her “diva” doesn’t conjure up the negative stereotypes that many use the word to invoke. Instead it’s an empowering term of endearment used to spread goodwill and kind-spirited inspiration to all of the wonderful and powerful women she meets from all walks of life. It’s like an anointed crown of good-natured compliment that she gives to fellow women she admires.

A two-year stint as a news reporter was a given considering her childhood dream of becoming a journalist. Couple that experience with an unpaid internship opportunity at Entertainment Tonight and voila: a move to Los Angeles for this southern girl. Constant publicity and marketing opportunities presented by an old acquaintance, Terrell ‘T.O.” Owens, whose career was burgeoning at this point, meant nothing but success for Kita and her long-time partner and friend, Monique “Mo” Jackson. Their company, Team Image Public Relations, began with their first client, T.O. Other athletes, music artists, opportunities, and events followed.

Just wrapping up the second season of their reality show, Kita reveals that it took almost four and a half years to get a network to believe that there was actually a real story to tell. The TO Show is more of a docu-drama of Terrell Owens coming to terms with his issues around the absence of love in his life than the typical drama-laden dating reality show. Kita and Mo continue to handle the day to day operations of running their businesses, all the while attempting to find balance and harmony in their own lives. This is the part I love. Real women doing what I know real women do: work hard and succeed.

The young female viewer feedback from the first two seasons made Kita realize the true power of television. From those comments, the empowering concept of defining “your pretty” was born. According to Williams, “you can be pretty smart, pretty bold, pretty amazing, pretty athletic; just as long as your pretty defines you, it’s right.” Kita plans to share this empowering message as she tours HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) across the Unites States. Empowering young women towards “pretty” is one movement, but looking pretty while empowering is another.

“When we speak to women, we love hearing what interests them most. They ask about our hair: who did it, what’s on it and how we care for it,” Kita shares. On the show, TO teases Kita’s hair regimen when her travel attire included a head scarf. “I didn’t care about what Terrell had to say,” she pays, “black women understand the need to be ‘catwalk ready’.” Not only was Kita undeterred by the teasing, she went on to turn that “protective fashion” into the wonderfully received Diva Wrap. “Our first launch sold out within an hour,” she says. As the first product of the line, Pretty By Kita and Mo, the Diva Wrap is a nighttime fashion statement in the form of a conditioned silk scarf. “Fans of our show notice everything. They see us as friends because we remind them of themselves,” Kita points out. “They care that I protect the edges of my natural hair with Echinacea found in Ampro Gel’s Shine and Jam because like me they are women who love to look and feel beautiful.” It’s because of fan feedback that the next product in the Pretty movement is a flat-iron emblazoned with words of encouragement, strength, and inspiration. 

Pretty amazing journey.
As you can see, Kita is multi-faceted and empowering and hopefully will continue to spread “her diva dust,” as she likes to call it, for many years to come.

I am truly surrounded by greatness. That greatness is simply a group of talented, intelligent, creative, business-savvy men and women with amazing life journeys and wonderful accomplishments. I was inspired to share my circle of genius in this column so you too can be motivated to greatness. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to get up and live the life of your dreams.

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