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Real Life Stories
By: Wesley Sinclair
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Getting Ready To Blow Out - Set to hit the big time in the next few months…we get our mitts in first with NaDiva

We sit back relax and have a chat with one of the UK’s finest young talents. She is a singer/song writer, with the brains and qualifications to have taken a different career path. Music is her life - but she takes time out from her recording duties on a Sunday afternoon and invites DS into her world.
Describe your transition from a Law student to a music artist?
I have always been into music from a young age and even played the piano. When I completed my degree, I realised it wasn't for me - so that encouraged me to continue in music.
I have been looking at your previous credits and noticed that you won a Nokia Prince's Trust Award in 2005 congratulations. Could you describe the experience?
It's surreal really - as I wasn't actually going to enter it but a friend took my CD and put it forward as it's a nationwide competition. As things progressed, luckily enough I got selected to go through to the next heat from thousands of people. Before I knew it - I was selected for the final which was at Earls Court. It was a very daunting experience as up until then I had never really performed to that number of people - before it was just for a few hundred, so I was nervous. There were big names there which added more pressure.
Faith Evans, Craig David, Kano was there and I had to do my set right after Kano. I got on with it and was glad that I got through it. I looked at it as a real good experience, so to win was such a boost and it was definitely worth doing.
You released an EP entitled ‘Introducing Miss Charles’ last year [2010] how did that go?
I have been working with various people - 2000 Black and Silhouette Brown. So I have been involved with a lot of singing and touring for them. I have also been really busy with backing vocals for Gabrielle and Rafael Sadiq.
You seem very motivated and fired up, who do you get your inspiration from?
I have been inspired from a young age so its stems from my family playing music around the house such as Madness, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and a lot of old school stuff. However, my own music is a reflection of my own experiences and things happening in and around my life. It’s rarely made up, but the music I listen to helps me put my message across in my own music.
Looking at artists such as Otis Redding , Aretha Franklin, or Faith Evans - I would like to reach out and touch my listeners the same way they have with the power of their music. 
Your song ‘Kisses In The Morning’ is really refreshing and poignant. Does it that have a message or is it connected to anyone in particular?
(Laughs) I have to think back to when I wrote that.
Yeah dig deep for this one…
It was more of a feeling than aimed at a specific person, so that’s just a reflection of the work I like to create. But the meaning kisses in the morning is generally someone who is close to me… sometimes I’m feeling down in the morning and my son will give me a hug and kiss and that just brightens up my day.
During the video shoot for it, you were lying on a bench. Were you worried about the bugs?
(Laughs) Yeah! They were flying all around me - it was uncomfortable. At the beginning of the video I had no shoes on and had to walk through the grass whilst trying my best to dodge dog poo (hoots with laughter) I was literally on tippy toes all day.
‘Missing You’ is one of your famous online tracks and it is infused with passion.
Yes it was passionate, as 90% of the time when I sing - I cry so that was very deep. When I sing a song like that I connect with it and again relay it back to things that have happened in my life.
So what can we expect to hear from Nadine Charles in the future?
I’m working on an album but don’t have a specific release date as yet, I want everything to be 100% right so I won’t rush it. Maybe I will put out an EP before the album is ready. I don’t want anything that’s sub-standard. For the meantime I will just keep working on my shows. 
You seem to be a natural in front of camera can we expect any TV work from you?
Well I just finished shooting Don-E’s new video which was interesting (laughs). I was really worried that I would look wooden but it actually looks alright (seems surprised). I was the lead girl in the video (smiles). The director was really good and made us feel comfortable
Is there anything that you wished you had done differently?
I think everything works out for a reason, so not really. But as long as you learn from previous mistakes you can take that and move on - but I am quite happy with what I have done so far.
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